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Jun 29, 2009 04:04 PM

High Line suggestions?

Hitting The High Line tomorrow night-any ideas? Looking for something modestly priced- any food. Thanks!

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  1. dont know what is modestly priced but los dados is in the area.

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      Had brunch there today - very disappointing. The ingredients were all pretty fresh, but the mahi-mahi tacos were soggy and bland and the quesadilla was smoky, but otherwise had no distinct flavor. The guacamole sauce had the texture of mayonnaise and was sweetened with something. I had to ask for hot sauce to add any heat.

      It's so disappointing when all a dish needs is a minor touch to make a world of difference - like draining the fish before putting it into the taco and adding a touch of cumin or oregano or anything.

      Nice location, but really slow service.

      1. Paradou has a great unlimited champagne brunch. $30 ( a real steal bc a cocktail goes for $15 normally and it includes an entree). Numerous types of champagne cocktails included in the deal. Portions of food were small, but good. And the outdoor garden was really cute. Make reservations as it is small and it does tend to be a bit noisey.

        1. Gascogne is just two avenue blocks east, on 8th Av., b/t 17th & 18th St. (The High Line has an entrance/exit at 18th.)

          1. Haven't been yet, but the Standard Grill looks great.