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Jun 29, 2009 03:41 PM

Need Amazing Lobster Roll Recipe Please!!

I have tons of leftover lobster, and want to make a lobster roll for dinner tonight. Does anyone have a great recipe for a lobster roll? No tarragon please.

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  1. Lobster rolls are typically a lobster salad served in (or on) a toasted bread roll. I would focus on the lobster salad. Coarsely chopped lobster meat, finely diced celery and scallions, mayonnaise, lemon juice, dry mustard (I like it with a little bite so a sharp mustard would be my choice) some chopped parsley and chopped fresh basil, S&P. A little Tabasco perhaps?. The amount of each ingredient would, IMO, depend on individual personal taste.
    I like them on homemade dinner rolls, spread with garlic butter and toasted under the broiler. But you could use something as simple as commercially prepared hot dog buns, hoagie rolls, etc..

    1. All lobster rolls are not created equal. Let me just preface my response with that. Lobster rolls can either be a cold lobster salad roll, or a warm, buttered lobster roll. The former is more prevalent in Northern New England; Maine, especially, when they have more lobsters in the summer than black flies.

      The latter is a Southern New England staple of hot dog rolls ( with buttered & grilled sides of the roll, like a HoJo bun) and the lobster meat is gently reheated in lots of melted butter. That's it. Put it in the bun and be prepared to be wowed. As you can tell, I'm a big fan of the latter, and usually crave that version when I have extra lobster meat, like I did just this past Father's Day.

      And the lobster salad versions should, IMHO, be very light on the dressing & vegs, maybe just mayo, scallion & celery, some S&P. That's it. It's a sin to cover up that gorgeous briny unctuous lobster flavor. I save that prep for tuna & crabmeat.

      1. If it's practical - the bun is part of a "traditional" lobster roll. If you search for new england style hot dog buns or similar on or google, you may find a retail spot close to you - and that will also get you back in time for prep and dinner...

        The buns' cross-section is square. They don't taste like typical hot dog buns either. Butter the sides then grill 'em or put in fry pan until toasted. Then fill 'em up. And if you don't have 'em... that's ok too... it's still gonna be great.

        ps, whatever recipe you use - you want just enough mayo to hold the salad together - lobster is the deal here.

        1. split top roll, toasted
          tiniest amount of mayo just to bind a bit - do not break up chunks of lobster
          s&p as needed. No green stuff! :-)