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Leslieville ice cream and gelato

First there were none and now there are three! Ed's was the first (Queen East and Logan) and I was not wowed. The ice cream and gelato selection, although large and interesting, lack flavour. The smell of the homemade waffle cones certainly draw a crowd, but I'd say "pass".

I just sampled some gelatos at Leonida's on Coady, just up from Queen East and they get my vote! The company she orders from imports all ingredients from Italy, with the exception being the mango, which they get from India. They were delicious and she makes beautiful chocolates too.

Haven't tried Cream - the urban dairy...yet.

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  1. You need to taste, and taste widely, before choosing flavours at Ed's. Many of his flavours are, indeed, boring, but some of them will blow you away.

    1. Ed's strawberry yoghurt is the best I have ever tasted. His icecream is good as well depending on the flavour you pick. They sometimes have peanut butter and Jelly which is so tastey!

      1. We had the chili chocolate gelato and the mango gelato tonight - none of us were complaining, really really good. I've also had (and liked) the green apple.

        1. Ed's is probably best described as being "uninspired".
          Seems like there are some boring flavours and few new ones introduced or rotated.

          but when he does it right, he does it really right!

          1. I was a huge fan of Ed's just after it opened (the french mint and bordeaux cherry are awesome) - but the more I visit, the more underwhelmed I've been. I find their ice cream too creamy, with a heavy and somewhat unpleasant aftertaste.

            Leonida's gelatos are lovely. I particularly liked the pistachio. However, if you're looking for variety, this place is going to disappoint. They have a very small case with no more than 8 flavours.

            Cream, the Urban Dairy is fantastic! I'm completely addicted to their ice cream sandwiches. Great ice cream flavours between two homemade cookies. To die for! Have also sampled the reverse chocolate chip ice cream which is fantastic. My only quibble about Cream is that the flavours change every week, which is great for variety, but not so much if you have a fave flavour that only appears once in a while. Cream also offers a variety of baked goods which altho not sampled, look delicious.

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              I read on the Leslieviller blog that Cream is giving out cheap ice cream sandwiches on canada day if you come in and say "i'm a leslieviller too". Kinda dorky, but I might try it.

            2. I love Cream's chocolate and chocolate coffee caramel but all their flavors are pretty amazing.

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                Hmm I wasn't that impressed with Cream. I tried the pineapple flavour and it wasn't very sweet at all. My husband had a chocolate flavour that had great depth of flavour though.
                I do like Leonidas and the people are friendly there.
                It might not be gourmet, but I usually get my ice cream at the Film Buff. They have the best peanut butter chocolate ice cream I've ever had.

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                  Just goes to show how much Lesliville continues to change. When I moved to the hood a year ago, our choices for ice cream were Natalie Roze (never open late) or walk all the way to Film Buff. Now we've got those plus Ed's, Leonidas AND Cream.

              2. This weekend we did an informal ice cream/gelato crawl in the hood.

                I love Ed's (and keep going back for the Creme Brulee ice cream and both spicy and regular chocolate gelato) plus the fact that they are open until 10 means it's a perfect little walk in the evenings when you want a little sweet after dessert. We've been going more than I'd like to admit.

                We also really liked Leonidas and it's great to be able to also buy a square of chocolate to add to the treat - that and more dangerous!

                Cream the Urban Dairy was bland and awful! We had the cherry and almond which was terrible - the almonds weren't even toasted so had that raw taste and you could barely tell there was cherry in it. Then we had the pineapple dairy free one - which was also bland, too sweet, had no tartness at all and a terrible texture - it was full of fibres from the pineapple core. I was picking them out of my teeth for the rest of the day!

                I think Cream is all style and no substance - I'd say avoid them.

                BUT the absolute winner had to be the petite ice cream cafe that Natalie Roze and Company (the funky clothing/jewelry and gift store at Queen and Pape) operates in her side patio on summer weekends. She had 5 or 6 flavors - she said they are made by a pastry chef friend and they were lovely! We had the blood orange and passion fruit dairy free gelato and the ginger kiss ice cream. The blood orange and passion fruit blew us away! It was like a flavor explosion in your mouth - the orange and the passion fruit were both equal - neither over powered the other - I could have ate it all day. The Ginger Kiss was a creamy ginger based ice cream with fresh ginger and then had candied ginger mixed in. It was also amazing. I can't wait to go back this weekend and try the other flavors - they also had honey lavender!