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Jun 29, 2009 03:09 PM

wine-tasting with kids along?

my husband and i are hoping to take my visiting-from-france mother-in-law out in the sonoma area this friday. i have this idea that we can spend the morning at morton's springs swimming and sunning then hit maybe two wineries nearby for tastings and an early picnic dinner. we have two young children who will be joining us, though. do wineries even let you taste/shop with children?

so, specifically, i guess i'm looking for a couple of non-touristy, low-key wineries with decent wines for tastings that would have an outdoor area for the kids to run around and that welcome picnickers (and are pretty to picnic in -- gotta impress the MIL). i would like them to be near morton's hot springs, which is in glen ellen.

anything come to mind?


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  1. We visit wineries quite a lot. Most of the places we've been allow well behaved children. A few do not allow kids at all but that seems like the exception.

    Geographically I'm not as familiar w/ where you will be. Here's a couple places in Sonoma area that we like. Preston Vineyards - they have jug wine on Sunday and a nice organic produce garden. You can also buy fresh made bread on site. . Right near by is Bella which is a very cool atmosphere since they serve wine in a cave. Cline is pretty good as far as wine, very big grounds for picnicing. Gloria Ferrar is a nice for a picnic while looking out on the vineyards. Not a place to run around though. Arista has beautiful gardens. Seghesio in Healdsburgh has nice grounds and great wines. They have a fun food and wine pairing where you get to go in your own room & have some nice quiet tasing. Bet you could ask for a food tasting w/o wine. Last link is something I found while searching for picnic grounds. Not sonoma but maybe of interest at another time.