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Jun 29, 2009 03:01 PM

Where can I buy raw Korean short ribs (kalbi)?

Where can I purchase raw Korean short ribs (aka. kalbi) for a BBQ on Canada Day?

Somewhere in Mississauga, Brampton, or Etobicoke would be an easily accessible area for me.

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  1. Any of the T&T supermarkets will have them. Here's the store locator:

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      Try PAT. Also there is a place north of Steeles of Yonge. I was there on Friday and wow, what a great place. The name escapes me.

      1. re: theresah

        I believe that you are thinking of Gallaria at yonge and steeles?
        I can't think of any place in the west end. However any asian market should carry the short rib in the butcher case and the kalbi marinade in bottle (if you can't find ready to go ribs).

        1. re: pamplemoose78

          Yes and no. They have both. PAT does a better job than T&T though.

          1. re: tjr

            How does Galleria fair? Comparable to PAT?

            1. re: pamplemoose78

              Galleria is too far to go for something like this, especially when T&T and PAT have mostly everything you'd need. There's a PAT and a T&T in Mississauga.

              1. re: tjr

                The Mississauga PAT will definitely have everything you need. It's on Dundas, at Grenville (about halfway between Cawthra & Hurontario). That whole stretch of Dundas is full of Korean businesses.

                1. re: mogo

                  Agreed. The Mississauga PAT is great--vastly better beef ribs than T&T whose beef isn't the greatest.

      2. These are very widely available.

        PAT on Bloor (west of Bathurst) and Galleria (Yonge north of Steeles) are probably the best choices, though not anywhere near your desired area. T&T would be more convenient, though their kalbi isn't nearly as good.

        You will find kalbi ribs (frozen) at most Loblaw stores. It isn't marinated, though. They have a Korean style "Memories of" marinade that isn't bad, but you'd still need to find the Korean chili paste elsewhere.

        Any Jewish or kosher butcher will have this cut, most likely sold as "Miami ribs".

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        1. re: embee

          I second the Loblaws version for 'in a pinch' Galbi - not half bad! I can confirm that the Loblaws at Dundas just west of Jane usually has both the sauce and the ribs (on the border of Etobicoke), I think I've also seen them at the 427/Burnamthorpe one, but haven't been there recently.

        2. i like ribs and i like grilling

          what are these?

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          1. re: duckdown

            Very thinly sliced short ribs in the flanken orientation. They can be great if everything falls into place, but they can also be very chewy - sometimes good chewy and sometimes just tough. You need extremely high heat to get a char without ruining them. They cook in a couple of minutes max.

            1. re: duckdown

              google image search for "kalbi" or "korean short ribs". They are usually chewy when I get them, but I like them chewy. Never tried cooking my own though.

              1. re: duckdown

                Apart from picking up some premade ones at PAT to grill yourself, you could also drop in and try out how the restaurant prepares it at a local Korean joint. Perhaps at a place like Arirang (central parkway & burnhamthorpe) or Wow Korean Restaurant (dundas e. & hurontario).

              2. Starsky has had some beautiful short ribs on sale a few times over the last few weeks for $2.99 per pound. I'm assuming you could ask them to cut the ribs into the thickness of your choice with little hassle.

                1. Good beef short ribs from Galleria and many other Korean stores are really nicely marbled. The short ribs at T&T and other chinese stores are much cheaper but not nearly as nicely marbled or of similar quality.

                  If you want them pre-marinated, I would go to Galleria or PAT or there's another store with better pricing called Korean Meat Store (on Yonge St just north of Byng beside the Mister Transmission). You can buy meat unmarinated at the Korean Meat Store as well.