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Jun 29, 2009 02:48 PM

Garlic at the Asian Market

The Asian market (specifically, Kam Man at Quincy Mass) sells a container of raw, peeled garlic for $1.25.

These cloves look and perform like conventional garlic. The interesting thing about this garlic, however, is that these cloves last forever. Or nearly so.

That tells me that they have to have been processed in some way. Does anyone have any idea or definite knowledge as to how?

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  1. Those are peeled Chinese garlic that have been treated with chemical preservatives to maintain the color. You'll still get the taste of garlic but it's like liking hotdogs one day and learning how hotdogs are made and not liking them anymore. I work in produce wholesale and my company unfortunately carries that product. I really don't recommend using it.

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      After I realized that these garlic cloves last "forever", and that that ain't natural (in the generic sense, not the sense of "organic food"), I realized that I should never buy them again. Some things are *sapposta * have a limited shelf-life or go bad.

      1. re: Howard_2

        The 1 and 2 lb tubs of peeled garlic at HMart, where I shopped this afternoon, listed their country of origin as USA.

        Having peeled too many spoiled or dried up garlic cloves, I've decided this peeled stuff fits my style. If one of the most garlic loving cuisines, Korean, is happy with them, I don't see why I should be any pickier. I'm tending to buy a new tub every 2 weeks or so, regardless of whether I finish the old or not.

          1. re: paulj

            Hi- I was having TERRIBLE luck with garlic. I was getting dried up, or molded inside cloves, and I was thinking it was because they were in bags that said 'Made in China' - which may have meant the bag, not the garlic? Ha!
            Anyway, I found some garlic that is purple skinned. I have had amazing luck with these babies- they are almost perfect everytime. We go through a lot of garlic and I tried the prepped stuff and hated it, so I'm thrilled this new purple stuff has turned out to be so great.