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Jun 29, 2009 01:59 PM

Cape Cod, party for 20 in a private room/tent


I'm hoping to host my husband's 30th birthday on a Friday night in July somewhere mid-Cape. I'm guessing there will be around 20 people. I'd love to be near the water, if possible.

I'm looking for a restaurant where I can serve heavy hors d'oeuvres or BBQ foods for the 20 people at around $20/head. Any suggestions?


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  1. Hmmmm...that's a tough one. I think you'll have a hard time finding a place peak-season on a Friday night willing to give up a private room for $400, much less somewhere on the water. I went to a catered birthday party recently at a private home that was catered by Sesuit Cafe in East Dennis. They may be worth a call as they do have a tent and you may be able to byob. I do know, however that the food was over $100 per head but was also a quite extensive and expensive menu (big raw bar, apps, tenderloin, and sword fish, and all the fixings.)

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      Thanks! I figured it was a tall order but that it couldn't hurt to ask. A friend recommend Trader Ed's. I've called a few times but haven't heard back from a manager yet. I'll check with Sesuit Cafe.

    2. You are likely to find that the set of requirements you have just can't be met. Especially -- on the water, Friday night. Places that can handle private events get booked up, far in advance, and for much more money, especially on the water. If any place is available, I'd almost tell you to avoid them -- must be a problem. CC Guy said $100 pp if catered, I'd guess at least $40 at bare minimum and more realistically $50-60 and up for a private party at a restaurant. Also, you're really going to have a tough time if the $20 budget included drinks.

      One thing that might work is to try and book an unconventional spot, at a time outside their peak hours. Think of any local place that fills up early, and that might fit your group in at, say, 8:45. Palio pizza? Olde Barnstable Fairgrounds Golf Course Clubhouse?

      If you could figure out a way to work with platters of food delivered someplace, consider Chef Ralph's Mad Platter in Mashpee. This will be food along the lines of a Super Bowl Party.

      1. Try the Orleans Inn on Rt 6A in Orleans. The place is right on Pleasant Bay with a great view in the back. It may be a little late to book something now for a Friday night in July......but it won't hurt to give them a call. They do group affairs well.........our daughter had her wedding there last year.

        1. Have you thought of doing this at a park or campground?
          Hathaway's Pond in Barnstable has several grills installed, available first come, first serve I assume. Likewise Gray's Beach in Yarmouth may still have them, but I think you need a Yarmouth resident to reserve one for you.
          Scusset Beach in Bourne?
          Nickerson Park in Brewster?
          Sea Street Beach in Hyannis?
          You might even find a caterer who will be glad to prepare the food and drop it off.

          1. Doesn't the Wequassett in Chatham have a tent or room for catering?

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              Indeed they do. But not for anything near $20 per head.

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                  Start with a new price point. Yes, agree with johng58 that Orleans Inn may offer what you are looking for in spades. Email owner Ed Mass at The Inn has multiple rooms and that greatly increases the possibility of your making a deal to your liking. It's a family run business so you can expect an ol' fashioned approach to service. On Friday nights an Irish/Scottish folk band provides entertainment and they are good.