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Jun 29, 2009 01:26 PM

Help! (Irving-Las Colinas) Looking for tex-ribs style fun place for group of 25.

Hi, I'm counting on you folks.

Coming to Dallas for a wedding at the end of the summer. We have an extra night there to celebrate mom's 80th. Since we're already doing italian and such as part of the wedding weekend plans. I am looking for a fun, casual regional type of restaurant that us out of towners can go have good dinner after traveling all day to get down to TX.

We're staying in the Irving-Las Colinas area. The hotel suggested Pappa's BBQ or Sonny Bryan. which ar e nearby. Other suggestions have been Uncle Julio's or La Hacienda.

Anyone agree with these. I'm a tad weary of Sonny Bryan ... I don't want god-awful food...nor do we want a over-priced place.


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  1. I would think Main Street BBQ in Euless would make for a great birthday party.....they certainly have the que, would just be a question of atmosphere....also they are only open on the weekend. One of the guys on the Food Network recently picked them for an edition of "The Best Thing I Ever Put In My Mouth" .

    1. Stay away from Sonny Bryans in Irving...nothing special there and their bbq is subpar. Pappas is slightly better in the bbq and atmosphere dept.

      As far as a place that serves bbq and would be fun for out of towners, I recommend Hard 8 bbq. Although their bbq is very hit and miss, I think it would be fine for out of towners (unless they are from south central texas). The real sell of the place is their atmosphere. They serve open pit bbq...imagine the smell of smoking mesquite as you walk past several iron bbq pits to get to the pitmaster. When you get close, your eyes are immediately drawn towards a whole smoker filled with smoked chicken, ribs, brisket, sausage, and other smokey goodness. You order by the pound and everything is served on butcher paper. After you get your food, you exit stage left into the dining room, which resembles an old texas barn (its even decorated with native texas taxidermy). Don't forget the big ol' pot of slow cooked of charge.

      I reiterate, hard 8 is not the best tasting bbq around, but the atmosphere is worth it, especially for out of state-ers.

      I would recommend Uncle Julio's over La Hacienda. The food is better and the atmosphere is much more lively.

      Good luck!

      1. I would recommend that you steer clear of Hard 8 BBQ in Coppell. Ikirumata didnt recommend the bbq as much as the atmosphere, but failed to point out how over-priced the place is. I, for one, thought that their bbq was complete garbage. The slap in the face came when I realized how much I had spent for such a crappy meal. It is a nice place. Ikiru is right about that. But it is waaaay too expensive for such terrible bbq.

        If you are lloking for a cheap, regional type place in Irving that even an 80 year old woman might like, I would recommend Po Melvin's on Beltline. Cheap country food with huuuge portions. You know that place is doing something right when you go in there for Sunday lunch and see old black folks and old white folks in their Sunday best enjoying an after-church feast.

        1. When it comes to BBQ outside of the Austin area (and even there for that matter), you will get differing opinions no matter who says what. But, IMO, Sonny Bryans, Spring Creek and Dickey's should all be avoided.

          Concerning Hard 8, I think it would definitely behoove you to do a couple of searches to find others' opinions before making that your destination. To assist, here is a link to multiple reviews of Hard 8:

          Personally, I find La Hacienda heads above Uncle Julios - 365, 24/7 on all accounts. Uncle Julio's has simply crappy food, it's loud and it's expensive. If you do decide on LH, call ahead - they have rooms off the main dining area that are rustic and would be very cozy for a group. Also, their entree's are very large, so for light eaters, they may want to pair up and talk to the waiter about splitting an entree.

          Another Tex-Mex suggestion in your general vacintity would be Mercado Jaurez for very lively south-of-the-border atmosphere and pretty good Tex-Mex. It's been awile since I've been during evening hours, but they used to have a strolling Mariachi band that was fun for out-of-staters.

          (As to all the 'yelp' reviews, I'm not partial, but I'd prefer to read comparison reveiws from like reviewers


          As to my preference to BBQ in the Metro, if you're up for a drive, I'd head to Angelo's in Ft. Worth, but they're are not open on Sun.

          If you happen to hit N. Main BBQ in Euless, call ahead to ask, but I think they are BYOB - also, you may want to tell them of you group of 25 since they're only open Fri-Sun and used to get very crowded - proably still do.

          If any in your party finds themselves with free time on their hands and enjoys wine, just west of Las Colinas on 114, Historic Downtown Gravevine (I have to "plug" my home town) has multiple wineries/winery connections and tasting rooms on and around Main Street. There are also any number of shops including antiques, galleries, gifts, etc. that span about a 6 block walking area. If early in the day, try some coffee and a pastry at Main Street Bread Baking Co. By afternoon, the pastries are all gone......

          I hope you enjoy your time in the metroplex.

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          1. re: CocoaNut

            Thanks for your time in responding. I passed along the grapevine info to my wine drinking cousins that will be there...i'm sure they'll check it out.

            okay back to bbq in Irving area.

            Red Hot & Blue - thoughts?
            Fred's Barbecue - thoughts?

            Sonny Bryan's (West End) - you say avoid
            Silver Creek - you say avoid

            1. re: mak136

              Red Hot & Blue has acceptable dry rub ribs and their other meats are about on par with Pappa's. All in all not bad but still nothing to write home about.

              North Main wouldn't be too bad of a drive and I'd say they'd be your best choice.

              1. re: mak136

                Skip the Fred's BBQ.

                I would also say North Main which is only open on Friday and Saturday.


            2. Another place to look into is the recently opened Cobb Switch in Carrollton.