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Jun 29, 2009 01:22 PM

Caterers - Berkshires (Recs needed)

My fiancee and I will be getting married in the Southfield/New Marlborough Area next fall and are looking for caterers. I was hoping people have had some experiences with some caterers in the area. We do have a few allergies so flexibility is always a plus (asian inspired food would be the ultimate!). Thanks for all the help.

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  1. Actually, you struck pay dirt...Gedney Farms, in New Marlborough, is what you are looking for. You could contact Peter Platt, (superlative)chef/owner of Old Inn on the Green. They have weddings and big parties at Gedney Farms...they are wonderful...guaranteed, it would be terrific.

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      Are you sure that Peter Platt has any connection with Gedney? I was under the assumption that Peter bought just TOIOTG and not Gedney Farm. Gedney is fantastic and quite expensive. The Marketplace, which sells retail from Guido's, does extensive catering. Sunset Farm in Tyringham do on site catering, although I've never personally been there.

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        rita welch from sheffield, mass. best around. mahaiwe tent is the huge party-tent rental supplier around here and they will recommend her as the best. shes not cheap, but worth it if you have the $ 413-229-2336

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          I just saw this post and was hoping someone could comment further on their experience at Sunset Farm Inn Bed & Breakfast in Tyringham. My fiance and I are considering booking the location for our wedding next year, and just really loved the barn there for our reception and the picturesque backdrop for our ceremony. I was hoping someone could comment on the food there, as it's obviously something that is important to us. Also, if anyone has actually had a wedding at Sunset Farm, we'd love to hear about your experience. We've only been able to find two reviews online, and, frankly, they're both horrible, which is strange because we really thought the owner seemed quite accommodating and nice when we met her today. So, any info would be greatly appreciated.

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            Believe the reviews that you have read! Im sure the owners are aware of their reviews and will do or say anything to book some business.

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              Cowgirl: does your comment stem from a specific incident at Sunset Farm, or are you speaking generally? I'm always skeptical when I can only find one or two reviews, and those reviews are bad. It seems to me that people are more often motivated to leave a review when they've had a bad experience, even if that bad experience is, on the whole, the exception rather than the rule. If your comment is based on a specific experience, even if by word-of-mouth or general reputation, I'd really appreciate any info you can pass on.

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              I had my wedding booked at Sunset Farm Inn Bed & Breakfast since Feb. of 2009. Our wedding was supposed to take place on October 9 of the same year. The women who owns it, Chris, called us 3 days before our wedding to tell us that the town shut their business down and we couldn't have our wedding there. Everything we had planned for was ruined. After all the countless phone calls and emails in the months prior, she toldl us everything was fine it would be wonderful until that day. She lied. She is a bad business women, she can talk a good talk but thats about it. She still has the deposit we put down, we have called a few times since we got back from our honeymoon and we keep getting the "I don't have the money right now, but soon" or "I can give you some but not all of it". My wedding was not the first they have canceled either. I don't know why there aren't more reviews on how bad their business is.Our wedding invitations are crap now because we didn't even have it at the place. You can't frame that. I can only say that it would be a huge disappointment and hassle to have a function here. Our wedding was not what we were expecting it to be, what everyone was told. The phone calls to tell our guests the new location. The menu change, the linens, the music setup, the price. I can only thank God that the wonderful people at St. Anne Country Club in Feeding Hills, MA were so supportive and great, and easy. The place was beautiful, the food was EXCELLENT, unbelievably awesome. The staff was great. Even the accomadations they made, because we wanted to get married outside on the first tee. there were chairs. But it ended up raining and we had it in the room. But it was still beautiful and the greatest day ever.Just don't waste your time at Sunset Farm. Don't let what happened to us happen to you.

              1. re: asalvador

                These kind of posts upset me greatly for the poor couples, and also because I am "in the business". It constantly surprises me as to how many bad businesses there are, taking advantage of people. It might also help to ask for references, although I doubt they would give you a bad one. But in general, asking how many weddings they have done in the past and asking for references could help you. Ultimately, I always recommend people go with a few key pieces: 1) Trust your gut, 2) do your research (or hire someone to do it for you) and 3) have a contract that protects you from such a situation. There is no way that asalvador should still be waiting for a deposit! (and possibly a final payment). Good luck to all!

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                I know this post is old but topic is current. Sunset Farm is going to auction in foreclosure.
                Link to the Berkshire Eagle article

          2. Seth Mias Catering. Leeds, Mass. Great food!!! He has a website with more detail.

            1. We just went through the same search this past summer... we're getting married in the Berkshires in Aug 2010. We were looking for an off-premises caterer - we already had a venue.

              We ultimately decided to go with Apogee Catering, We were really impressed with the food and proposed menu - very personal, customized, and creative. Also, if you're looking for 'Asian-inspired, that seems to be one of their specialties. The owner, Dawn, just opened (is opening?) a restaurant in Stockbridge --

              We also considered the Marketplace Kitchen in Sheffield- They also looked really good, but came in a little more expensive.

              I hope that helps.

              1. We used Marketplace about 19 months ago and I thought they were fantastic. They really worked with us so that we could stay within our budget and had terrific suggestions. They did more for our wedding than our planner did! Jeanette in Catering and co-owner David Renner were both fantastic....and our guests are still raving over the food.