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Jun 29, 2009 01:11 PM

Las Vegas Sushi

Hello, is there a trendy sushi place with GOOD sushi (and spicy mayo) that is not ridiculously overpriced on the strip?

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  1. No. In all of my searching, "trendy" and "good sushi" are mutually exclusive concepts, as are "not ridiculously overpriced" and "on the Strip".

    1. Yes, alomst everywhere on the strip for sushi is going to be rediculously priced. THere's an awesome one close by the strip though going west on Sahara, for about 2 miles (on the left hand side). Its called Osaka's. It been my mothers favorite for years. She's "blackanese"" lol. And we always have family get togethers there. Plus they do make their own spicy mayo. Its Yummy. It's quite intimate yet inviting, while being capable to cater to large groups in private rooms. Try it!

      Also, i wouldnt consider it "trendy" but anyone who knows good sushi goes there, even the "trendy"

      1. Thanks! Ok, now knowing there is no "overpriced" sushi - what are the trendy GOOD sushi spots on the strip?

        1. go buccaneers! cousin lives in Tampa; anyway, even though this visit is done, am posting for future CHers;
          must see can't miss and absolutely worth the 10 miles; go to
          Hachi , 4 star rating , 23 reviews, at Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa
          sushi, caviar, sea bass all fantastic, with over 100 sakes and complimentary tastings for sake newbies, like me,
          and to make it even more worthwhile is the resort/casino $925 million, pretty new 2006 and very key, new modern ventilation; must see Red Rock Resort at night, front has stunning unique lush water gardens with huge fire bowls in the center of infinity water pools redwood and stone architecture, gorgeous lobby with 32 foot long chandelier, huge stone firepits with outdoor delicious dining at T-Bones Chophouse
          rooms with beautiful view of red rock canyon, totally worth a 15 minute daytime drive, and luxury resort pool area, and like many Vegas hotel pools, the adult clothing-optional Cherry Pool, also has bowling movies music etc.; friends and families' top 3 Vegas spots when they visit me each year