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Jun 29, 2009 12:41 PM

Good quality bulk nuts downtown TO?

Does anyone know of someplace I can get good quality bulk nuts in downtown TO? The stuff at the grocery stores is limited in selection and low quantity/quality, the at Bulk Barn is pretty poor as well, and is awesoe but expensive to ship from the US.

Any suggestions? The closer to the Distillery the better.

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  1. I'd hit Kensington Market -- there are several stores that have bulk nuts. Most will let you try before you buy to make sure they are fresh.

    1. In the St Lawrence market, towards the very back on the lower level, there's a bulk store that sells all kinds of stuff. Sorry, I don't know what it's called... but just head to the back, it's tucked away in the corner. Awfully crammed and quite the pain to get around, but you should be able to find all kinds of quality nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, etc etc etc. They have some cool stuff.

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        That sounds like a win, I don't know why I didn't think of that, I walk by it on my way to Union every day.

      2. Good Sudanese almonds at Nasr on Lawrence (West of Warden). Not exactly convenient for you, but if you are ever passing it's worth popping in to see their other stuff. Best selection of dates I've seen. And while you are in the area take a look at Diana's Seafood and Arz.

        1. I only buy nuts at Noah's on Bloor just east of Spadina. They keep them in the tall bins that are filled at the top and dispensed from the bottom so the stock is always rotating. It's a very busy store as well which speeds the refresh rate. Far and away the freshest bulk nuts I've found in Toronto.

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            Great, I'll check this one out too, I didn't know they had this stuff.

          2. Whole Foods and The Big Carrot. Always happy with both.

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              Another place that has organic almonds cheaper than any health store is Upaya Naturals (they will deliver it too).

              But I have bought shelled pistachios and walnuts from that place in SLM and they're fine and comparable to most markets.