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Jun 29, 2009 12:23 PM

The Problem with "Top in FLA" Threads

Why are there so many threads for top restaurants in Florida?

I suspect most readers, like me, when looking for top or best threads, are interested in finding the top or best restaurants within our local region (i.e., places that can be reached by car in 2 hours or less). Very few would be willing to drive the 5+ hours from Jacksonville to Miami just to dine at the best xxx restaurant in Florida.

Might I suggest that the regions covered in threads be narrowed down a little bit? "Best Chinese restaurant in Orlando" is so much more useful than "Best Chinese restaurant in Florida."

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  1. I drove from Stuart Florida to Miami just for dinner and once drove to another state to have dinner.

    1. There are many examples of both state-wide and regional or city-wide "best" lists, which some time ago I compiled here ->

      Unofficial Compilation of "Best" / "Top" Lists

      I find that they each have their virtues.

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      1. true i wont be driving to miami any time soon or jax

        1. all 'best' threads are subjective anyway! But I agree Florida is the size of England pretty much so it's not really possible to say what's best because it's more than highly unlikely that anybody has eaten in every single restaurant in one state or country.

          1. I think that both types of lists have their merits. As a Floridian, I tend to travel quite a bit in Florida so it's nice to have those places to go. however, I would agree that best in a geographic area are more useful. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the posts where someone does NOT name a geographic area in the subject line do not get too many replies. I sometimes can't be bothered to open it,since I don't know if it's in my specific area.