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Jun 29, 2009 12:03 PM

BeBe's BBQ - Italian Market (philly)

If you are into North Carolina BBQ and live in Philadelphia, check out BeBe's BBQ in the Italian Market. The pulled pork sandwich is amazing!!

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  1. It's OKAY. It's not traditional Carolina style pulled pork though. The guy smokes butts where as traditionally it is slow roasted pigs. Some people in North Carolina (west mostly) do use butts and some use some smoke, it is best roasted over charcoals. But, the biggest separation from Bebe's to a really good Carolina pork sandwich is that he pulls and kinda shreds it. That s@$*t is supposed to chopped! The sauce isn't bad, but overall just pretty much another mediocre BBQ spot in Philly. The ribs were way over done and too much not so great rub all over them. There is a proper degree of doneness on ribs that a lot of people don't realize. The old "falling off the bone" thing is actually kinda over done. The meat should stay clinged to the bone while holding it up in the air, but fall off when you bite into them. Opening a styrofoam container and seeing rib meat laying next to rib bones isn't a good rib. I give Bebe's a 5 out of 10. Still searching in Philly!

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      I kinda like Bebe's. Also, For those cost-conscious BBQ afficionados, Bebe's now has gift certificates at They run you $10 for a $25 certificate or $4 for a $10 one.

      1. re: bluehensfan

        "Bebe's Barbeque - World Famous" I got a kick out of that. A BBQ place, less than a year old, in Philadelphia's Italian Market... World Famous, right, ok.

        Anyway I really like Bebe's compared to other Philly BBQ joints I have tried.

      2. re: clsmooth

        You aren't going to find authentic NC BBQ in Philly. You will have to make your own or take a trip to NC.

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