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Jun 29, 2009 12:02 PM

Fresh lime juice in LA?

I am having a huge barbeque on the 4th and want to make cocktails and don't have time to juice as many limes as I will need. Does anybody know where i can find fresh lime juice?

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  1. HI,

    How much juice do you need?

    1. Buy the limes, take them to a juice bar, and slip them a $10 or so to juice them for you. Bring a (clean) receptacle.

      1. Call Canton Foods near the Produce Mart, they might have it buy the gallon. I know it is available in some of the produce places.

        1. Instead of paying someone $10 a la the 'geek's suggestion, can you find a friend with an electric juicer? It really doesn't take very long, I've done about 5 lbs. of lime in under a half hour!

          If not, just remember lime juice is extremely perishable, so make sure where you buy it it is fresh, or frozen, even, would be better. And it won't keep, fresh, for more than a couple of days, tops.

          1. I was in a Filipino market in Cerritos this past weekend and they had lime juice (OK, calamansi juice) frozen in packets, like coconut milk. In the mall with the Target across from Los Cerritos Centre (same plaza as the [GACK HAWK SPIT] Hometown Buffet and the [DROOL PADDLES CLEAR ZZAP] Five Guys).