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Commercial Fish Market? (or something like...)

carleton Jun 29, 2009 11:39 AM

Any ideas on where best to find good fresh seafood? I live near the Cross Street Market, and what they have is good, but limited. Haven't yet cracked the puzzle on where in this harbor city (or it's environs) there's a killer fish market.....willing to drive a bit. Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. m
    MrsWheatie RE: carleton Jun 29, 2009 12:20 PM

    Frank's Seafood at the Maryland Wholesale Seafood Market in Jessup will sell to the public. You can search the board for specific recs.

    1. littlew1ng RE: carleton Jun 29, 2009 12:21 PM

      Blacksalt's selection is on the small side, but the catch there is always insanely fresh and they have some interesting stuff for sale.

      1. a
        abovethewaves RE: carleton Jun 29, 2009 12:22 PM

        H Mart in Catonsville has a great fresh seafood selection and the prices are good too.

        1. ClevelandDave RE: carleton Jun 30, 2009 10:22 AM

          Not a market per se, but Slavin's in Arlington is a dedicated fish store that does wholesale and retail...

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