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Jun 29, 2009 10:59 AM

Great Chicago Dogs in Kansas City Area (Lenexa, KS)

Having been living in the NYC area for three years - Chicago is "home". Trouble with NY is most locals think it is the greatest this and the greatest that. No need to take my word on this, just ask a local.

NY style pizza taste like soggy cardboard. The heathens put ketchup on hot dogs. Any mention of Italian Beef conjures up thoughts of De Niro, Liotta, Pacino, or Gotti. A Gyro with fries could easily cost nine or ten bucks, and that does not include a soda.

Dudes think Cubs are baby bears. Bears belong in Canada or a zoo. Bulls, well bulls are something slain in Spanish and Mexican fighting rings.

As you’ve probably surmised, I miss Chicago weather, the Blago Show, and Windy City politics. I also miss voting early, voting often, and voting Democratic.

Many NY'ers have not lived elsewhere, so they have little basis for claiming everything is great. Well that is not entirely true, NYC produces the greates fraudsters and ripe off artists history has ever known.

Recently I moved to Kansas City. Much to my surprise and delight I found The Pizza Man, 10212 Pflumm Road, Lenexa, KS 66215 – telephone (913) 492-2116‎. The Pizza Man serves real “Chicago Dogs” and Italian Beef sandwiches.

In this instance real means Vienna Dogs, poppy seed steamed buns, neon green relish, Gonnella bread, and other Chi-Town accoutrements. Price is a bit above Chicago, but fair given the location. FYI, when I visited The Pizza Man a food delivery was in progress – all real stuff.

Have yet to try the pizza, but the one’s I saw being served looked very good! No Chicago deep dish, but I suspect a very good pizza none the less.

CHECKOUT THE PIZZA MAN, you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Although the pizza is thin crust (which I strongly prefer), a former Chicago resident told me that the thin crust was also from Chicago, just not as well known.

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    1. re: KansasTravel

      That picture of pizza looks pretty good, KansasTravel, nice caramelization on the crust. I prefer Chicago thin crust to deep dish too, though it's hard to tell from the pic if that falls within that genre or not.

      I hate it when places put cheese on Italian beef. Rosati's and Pizza Oven are other Chicago-centric eateries in town.

      Haven't been to Rosati's or Pizza Man here, did visit Pizza Oven and thought the Italian beef was okay, though not very characteristic. They did apply cheese.

      1. re: Aaron Deacon

        I think I may have been to Rosati's a very long time ago.

        Is it an old bar on the south side of the street?

        1. re: Aaron Deacon

          Pizza Oven on State Line? Not 100% by any means but it looked awfully closed yesterday at lunchtime. I'm in the area so I'll check it out.