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Jun 29, 2009 10:40 AM

Kosher Artisanal Breads

Are there any kosher bakeries in the NY area that freshly bake such breads as ciabatta, sourdough, etc?

I'd even settle for some good crusty french bread, not the soft stuff that is labeled "French bread".

I know that Trader Joe's carries some of these breads in the pre-packaged variety. I was wondering if there are any kosher bakeries that freshly bake such breads.

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  1. Zaro's in Penn Station is probably the best option. Unfortunately, Tribeca Oven no longer sells through retail. Many of Eli Zabar's breads are kosher. Paramount in Newark makes some good breads.

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      BTW, inspired by this thread, I picked up a loaf of Zaro's semolina yesterday and was very impressed.

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        Who does the supervision for Zaro's?

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        Zaro's has delicious bread. The seeded rye, chubbies, onion rolls, and bagels are all great. Friends love the sourdough and pumpernickel. The only bread I didn't enjoy was the new onion and oregano. Flavor was way too strong and overwhelming.

        Their muffins, cupcakes, cakes, and pastries are also delicious, but those are dairy. The items are very well priced, and they decorate the cakes beautifully. Know that they have more sizes and items then what's actually displayed.

      3. Fairway - and not only do they bake their own, they carry other companies as well -

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          Duh, of course. Thanks for reminding us, meateater.

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            and I don't know if they are still kosher, but Orwasher's on 78th st and 2nd ave was bought out by a former Tribeca Oven baker. they specialize in artisenal breads.

        2. Bread Alone ( ) is an upstate bakery, but their breads are available at farmer's markets in NYC. I have had their bread before, and it's excellent.

          See for information on their kosher certification, and for information on where you can find their bread in NYC.

          1. I know that many of the breads soild at the Trader Joes in Ardmore, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia) are made locally at the Le Bus bakery "factory" in King of Prussia. Thay may be "prepackehged" but are fresh and wonderful! Ask who makes your local TJ's breads, you may be in for a happy surprise!

            1. Stop and Shop in Rockland carries Pareve artisanals (sourdough, pumpernickel, garlic and oil Italian, ciabatta).