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Jun 29, 2009 10:12 AM

Thermoelectric Wine cooler

Hi I am not serious with a collection or anything, but I like to buy wine sometimes and store them for a weeks to a year.

I am looking for a small unit. I live in the hottest part of California and we just hit 110 yesterday. I try to keep the house less than 90, more realisticly I found a spot that should be in the dark and at 80 most of the time.

Do you think a small thermoelectric unit like this would work OK?

I realise this would be a lot less than most people expect to use on this list but
would it work for my purpose to lessen the damage to the wine due to heat?

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  1. It should work fine for your needs and budget. I'd suggest keeping it in the coolest spot you can so that the unit doesn't have to work too hard. Danby is a lower-end unit but doesn't have a bad rep that I'm aware of. Usually the difficulty with the inexpensive units is that the cooling system is not of sufficient quality to withstand a lot of heavy use........ like if you wanted to keep it in your garage where it had to keep your wine at 55 in an ambient temp of 125. Your 80 degree location should be fine.