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Jun 29, 2009 10:11 AM

Afternoon tea for a bridal shower - help!

Looking for a place to hold an afternoon tea for a bridal shower, that won't be too expensive in terms of cost per person.

I am currently checking in with the King Eddy (approx. $27 per person) and the Old Mill (approx. $20 per person). Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Has anyone had any experiences good or bad that they could share? We are expecting maybe 10 to 15 people. Could use the help of my fellow Chowhounders for more info!

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  1. I went to a bachelorette party (very tame, so basically a bridal shower) for about that many people at the Four Seasons. It was about $30 a person. It was great but not great if you are a vegetarian or have a dairy intolerance. I like the King Eddy as well, the desserts are really good, but I liked the Four Seasons better.

    1. Have you thought of having it catered? There are a number of good caterers who can give you a nice tea menu and then you won't have to feel hurried to leave so others can be seated.

      Truthfully, the best high tea I've ever had was Tea at the Whitehouse in Waterdown. True, a schlep but it can be a bridal adventure!

      1. Oh! And they have nice afternoon tea at DT Bistro as well.

        1. I keep this in my car for when we're on an Ontario country drive:

          A directory of all the tea places in Ontario.

          1. The tea at the Old Mill was good but not great or even very good. It's less expensive than many places around the city, and the view of the garden is lovely.