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Jun 29, 2009 10:05 AM

Kubels Too on LBI: don't bother

What a mistake: I assumed that Kubel's Too in Beach Haven Crest would be as good as Kubel's in Barnegat Light. We like Kubel's BL for the cozy, friendly, casual atmosphere. Plus there is something on the menu for everyone and the food, while not gourmet, is usually pretty good. We were tired and not wanting to face the traffic going up to BL, so went to the Kubel's Crest location.
After a short wait, we were seated in a back room. Our server was very friendly and personable. But in the room were two very loud and large tables; never a good omen, IMO.
The menu is different than the BL location, with not nearly as many choices. A problem for my elderly mother, who does not eat any seafood, the exception being Manhattan clam chowder (not on the menu). Nothing really sounded interesting to me; so I opted for the broiled Barnegat Bay scallops broiled. While fresh, they were served in a casserole with a milky broth covering them. That was not how the menu described them, so that was disappointing. The vegetable of the day was broccoli, steamed and served with absolutely no seasoning. My dad had some sort of chicken dish that he said was just 'OK'. My mother had a appetizer of frozen dumplings and the soup of the day, which she said tasted like dishwater. . The dumplings and the soup were about the only choices on the menu for someone with a small appetite who doesn't eat fish.
In addition to the outstandingly mediocre food, the meal was made even more unpleasant by the obnoxious two large tables. One table was a group of older adults celebrating a birthday as loudly as possible. The other table was a group of 4 women and their very boisterous 5-6 children. We were repeatedly 'treated' by the young kids, to some sort of ballet dance routine that involved lots of yelling and stomping, much to the delight of the adoring mothers and the birthday party table. Both tables yelled and whopped it up, completely oblivious to the other diners in the room. Unfortunately, our friendly waiter encouraged the noise by going up and doing some ballerina moves for the room. It was just extremely loud and the kids running all over the place is not only annoying, it's unsafe. A table of two women left a few minutes after sitting down due to the noise level. The hostess then attempted to seat a table of 5 next to us, who once getting a hint of the decibel level in the room, turned around and walked out. A dad and his teenage son sitting next to us just held their hands over their ears. I heard the son tell his dad to 'eat fast'.
Needless to say, we won't be visiting Kubel's Too again, and if you're smart, you won't either!

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  1. I’m sorry to hear of you’re lousy experience. I am of the mindset that children should be duct taped to their chairs in restaurants (gagged, perhaps, also) The irony, and reason for this post, is that I was brought to the original Kubel’s at 6 months and subsequently throughout my childhood!

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      I hear you!!! My mother threatened us with death before we entered any store or restaurant if we misbehaved while there. Fear kept us in our seats at the table and the mere raise of my dad's eyebrow over anything remotely rude or loud sent tingles down our spines. People regularly came over to congratulate my parents on our good behavior (5 kids). Little did they know it was the threat of death or worse that made us behave!!
      After I wrote the above post I hoped it did not make me sound like a sourpuss. It's just that enough is enough sometimes; even at the shore.

      1. re: mschow

        Wait...what? Regular Kubel's is good? I beg to differ! They both stink!
        I have a house on the north part of the island and regular Kubels would be a very convenient place for us to eat....My husband and I ate there ONCE! Both the service and the food was horrible! As was the atmosphere/people. Might I suggest some of the other, much more pleasant eateries on LBI, such as that newish Cinnamon Bay (I call it CBGB's, cuz of their sign) and the Plantation right across the street in Harvey Cedars. I would even go the the dreaded ScoJo's before I went to either Kubels.

        Or, how about CHEGG???? that place rocks for choices and casual atmosphere.
        I think Kubel's 2 exists solely as a skanky watering hole at night and the food part is mainly to just bide time until then.


        1. re: MishyPoo

          I would consider Kubels Barnegat Light good basic pub type food, good burgers, very fresh seafood. . No, we are not talking about gourmet or higher end atmosphere. Service can be spotty, and I refuse to sit in the terrible tables in the front right side as you come in. They try to slam them in like sardines there; very uncomfortable. But we've been going there regularly for years any enjoy it. It's definitely more of a year round place rather than a tourist trap. Maybe you should give it another chance I've never been a fan of Plantation and never will be; I find it overpriced and stuffy and the food forgettable. . Plus I can't stand the manager! FWIW: my family has had a house on LBI for almost 40 years and I spent all my summers from grammar school through college there. Now, just the summer weekends, and the fall. LBI has never been a mecca for great food. There are a handful of restaurants that I would consider really good to excellent. I'm not familiar with Cinnamon Bay, but will check it out online. Strangely, I found that practically no restaurants on LBI have any sort of online presence whatsoever. We were tired from working on the house on Sat and tried to find online menus and came up with practically nothing (ended up ordering from Pinkys). Is the Internet unknown to restaurants on LBI?

            1. re: Bossa_Nova

              I have to agree with you about the Plantation, we rarely go there. Tho, this topic was originally based on casual eateries, I have to say....Pinziminio is my new favorite, but not all that casual. And, yes...there does seem to be a lack of internet presence of the LBI restaurants. They should step into the 21st century a bit....but I guess you can alway pick up one of those wonderful, free dining guides lol!!!


              1. re: MishyPoo

                Food at Pinziminio is OK but on my second visit, my party of 2 was led to the small table right by the kitchen in a dining room that was 80% empty. Big no no. Will never return.

                1. re: Zestme

                  I usually make reservations when I go to Pinziminio Trattoria. If I was led to a table that was not to my liking, I would simply ask for a different table. If they refused to relocate me, there would be no return visit. That being said, I can only assume whey they would do that to you....I dont know if you made a reservation or not. A simple request that night probably would have made you feel a lot better about the situation.

                  Anyhoooo, I had a really nice dinner last night at La Spiaggia.


                  1. re: MishyPoo

                    BTW, we had reservations. You're absolutely right about remedying the situation. But I considered it needlessly inhospitable and therefore inexcusable. Too bad since it's close to the house and the food is good enough to visit once in a while. But Bisque falls into that category for me so no big deal.

                    Glad you had a great meal at La Spiaggi - my second favorite restaurant on the Island. My favorite by a comfortable margin is Raimondos. Also a BIG fave - taking out buckets of fried scallops from Pinkys. While I'm at it, also was not impressed with Plantation - not bad but nothing special.

    2. Wow, this just reinforces my desire to never go back there. Good thing I am within walking distance to the location @ BL. :-)

      1. OK, I have to make an additional comment and correct myself here. I said that I enjoy Kubels in BL for good pub food. Well, I've been twice this summer so far, and it was really just mediocre both times. I don't know what the deal is, or if we caught them on 'off' days, but blah. My parents went last week and had a similar experience. Now where to go for good pub food, in a casual and laid back atmosphere?

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        1. re: mschow

          I have to disagree with the other reviews ! I have been going to Kubel's since I was a little girl back when all they served were Sandwiches and Soups. The food there is always great..... perhaps try the Sizzling Sirloin Steak ... fantastic or maybe the Tuna special out of this world !!! The staff is always friendly, you can see they go out of their way to make everyone feel welcomed. The servers have all been there for years Lauren, Stacy, Krista, Candice and Chelsie just to name a few........ Excellent !!!!

        2. The original comment has been removed