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Jun 29, 2009 10:02 AM

Lunch near Stanford Univ.

Looking for a recommendation for a moderately upscale lunch near Stanford University. Something along the lines of California Cafe.

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  1. Really like Mayfield Bakery & Cafe. Here is a link to some reports:

    Mayfield Bakery & Cafe
    855 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94301

      1. IMHO Macarthur Park is pretty good, not as good as in the past, but still worth going to.

          1. The area does moderatly upscale lunch very well. I've never heard of California Cafe, but there's one about as close to campus as you can get (in the red barn). There are dozens and dozens, depending on how far out you go.

            How far from campus are you willing to go? What would you like that's different from California Cafe? Do you want/need very easy parking?

            For example, I had an exquisite lunch at Kaygetsu a few days ago. The sushi is absolutely first rank ("best outside NY and Tokyo" my dining partner said, and I have to agree, I literally think I haven't had better in the bay area), the atmosphere and service is solid but unexceptional. The new restaurant at the restaurant at the top of Sand Hill is supposed to be very, very beautiful - just opened a few months ago.

            Mayfield is quite new, I didn't think the atmosphere resembles the pictures of California Cafe. MacArthur Park might suit for atmosphere, but be warned that it's old-school - food is supposedly on the upswing, but I find it a bit pretensious. Once you get to University Ave, there's a lot of choices. The favored upscale places would be Junoon, Tamerine - they're a bit fusion-y in a good way. Junoon in particular puts on a good lunch. An old school steak house, often overlooked but excellent, is Sundance Mining Company - very leather and beef.