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Jun 29, 2009 10:00 AM

Casual-ish westside locale for party

Hi Chowhounders,

I'm looking to have a birthday gathering on Saturday, July 18, for about 30-40 people on the westside (anywhere west of La Cienega). I'd love for the place to have the following:

-Good food/drinks, but the type of food doesn't matter
-Casual atmosphere
-Space for people to lounge and chat
-Not super crowded

The places that I used to like for this type of event (ex. Warszawa's back patio) tend to be super crowded now on the weekends.

Am I being unrealistic in thinking a place like this exists???

Thanks much in advance.

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  1. I wonder if someplace like Cha Cha Chicken on Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica would work? They are BYOB and basically an outside patio. Not sure how many they can fit but it might be worth your while to see if you could take the patio over for the evening. This would certainly fit the bill for casual, and given the state of the economy and what its done to restaurants and their bottom lines they might be willing to work with you.

    Add: One other thought is C&O Cucina on Washington Blvd. in Marina Del Rey. They have a nice back patio that would easily accomodate your party and they are used to doing groups like the one you're talking about.

    Cha Cha Chicken
    1906 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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    1. re: Servorg

      Good recs, SO. Can't think of many other places on the westside that would be willing to give up their patio on a weekend night in the summer.

    2. For 30-40, wow, that may be challenge...

      alibi room has the kogi food but it's good...get there earlier - on washington - culver city

      il moro - bar area is also good - big enough for 30 ppl - WLA off olympic - italian food

      backstage in culver city also is fun...big enough and talk to owner - maybe able to arrange - think it's bar food

      la grande orange - on main in samo - see if you can enough space since it gets crowded

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