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Jun 29, 2009 09:41 AM

Daytona Beach

Eight of us will be visiting Daytona in a few weeks and it's been a number of years since we have been there. What are some recommendations for decent local restaurants that are also resonably priced... not looking for fine dining, but also not a big fan of the chain restaurants like Fridays and Outback.

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  1. I've got a good one that won't break your wallet. Try the brickyard on 92(international speedway blvd. Voted the best burger in Daytona. Daytona has lots of good pizza. I reccomend the one at the corner of seabreeze and a1a(help me with the name). For seafood I like the ocean deck and Shell's on a1a. Gilley's riverfront on main street has a great steak! All are under $20

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      i was just in daytona this past weekend, Shell's is closed down. The pizza place your talking about, was it called Napoli? Was it where the old Edy's Ice Cream used to be, across from the shopping center on the boardwalk? We saw it while in Daytona but were scared to try it just in case, but I would like to know for my next trip, thanks! :)

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        Yes its kinda scary,,but good,, especially at 3:00am. I don't know who the health inspector is in daytona but i am sure he has got his work cut out! I tried to use the bathroom in that place and it was "closed" more like someone had ripped the toilet out! The pizza is a thick softer crust and I usually dont like that kind. But at this place its like eating freshly made bread. It's usually dead in the daytime and packed at night. I have noticed that most places in Daytona are dirty and run down unless your at the new shopping plaza on the beach.

    2. If "The Deck Down Under" beneath the Dunlawton Bridge on the intracoastal in South Daytona is still open it is a must from my point of view. A little hard to find because its under a bridge, but I remember excellent fried seafood, especially the oysters.

      1. Ahhhh The Ocean Deck. Talk about fond school memories! Consider driving to Port Orange and going to Down the Hatch. A little out of the way but worth it.

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          I lived in Daytona most my life and my parents are still there so i go quite often. They actually have a devent sushi place now called Ronin. IT's "downtown" just off beach street. The best pizza in Daytona is Pete's Pizza on corner of Nova and Beville. If you like wings South Turn on that same corner, oppostie side, is by far my fave. maker sure to get them grilled. The Brickyard metnioned above does have fantastic burgers. Teh Deck Down under is worth going to and is a fave. Down the Hatch is in ponce inlet, not port orange. INlet Harbor in ponce inlet is a great tourist visit. they have the best atmosphere. sit outside right on the river, and a band is always playing.

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            Yes you are correct Down the Hatch is in Ponce Inlet but I have to disagree slightly on the pizza. Mr Wich in Ormond on Nova Road is the best.

        2. Lived in Daytona briefly, and we were big fans of Fish City Grill in Ormond Beach. Also, some people regard this as a tourist restaurant, but we loved the seafood at Auntie Catfish in Port Orange. They do a nice Sunday brunch buffet too. It's just over the Dunlawton bridge, on the mainland side. Their cinnamon rolls are delicious!

          1. One more recommendation. Technically this one is in New Smyrna Beach (about 30 minutes South of Daytona), but it is a must in my opinion. Mi Mexico on US 1 is the absolute best mexican I've found in that area. I higly recommend the fajitas and the mango margarita!

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              I too agree that Mi Mexico is superb! Big portions and excellent food with speedy service....