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Jun 29, 2009 09:27 AM

Colorado Spgs for a week

We are staying at the Broadmoor but would like to venture out and eat with the locals on occasion.
Looking for good breakfast and dinner choices. Anything considered that's not a chain. Was thinking that Guy Fieri had showcased a breakfast place but can't find any info. Have read previous comments; anything new to add?

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  1. CO Spgs
    Edelweiss - great German fare

    Manitou Spgs
    Adam's Mtn Cafe -- organic and vegetarian fare
    The Loop -- Mexican food
    Mona Lisa - fondue

    There is a shop that sells Colorado wines that has a cafe added onto it. I don't remember the name but they have EXCELLENT sandwiches.

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      Thank you. Look forward to trying some new chow spots.

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        Head west on US 24, and when you get to Green Mountain Falls (a village), stop at the Black Bear. See

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          Thank you. Black Bear looks like a serious consideration.

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            I ate there almost 10 years ago (2002) when I was visiting a friend finishing up an culinary internship at the Broadmoor. Several of the chefs at the Broadmoor recommended it. It was the best meal of my life and...I've had some meals. I wouldn't say I'm a picky eater but I don't usually like being told what to order-in this case, we let the chef decide (everyone told us this was the way to go) and I have NO regrets. Every course was amazing. Every thing was cooked to perfection, seasoned just right, and so interesting! Nothing was typical but everything was amazing. I wish I could remember specifics but it was so long ago that I can't. I remember we had curried clam chowder with cilantro and it was incredible. I didn't think I liked clams at the time but I'm a total convert now. I think it's the mark of a true chef to be able to take something that diner thinks they don't like and transform it into a masterpiece that leaves the diner chasing that experience ever after. The ambiance was perfect-so cozy. Staff could not have been more attentive or accommodating. And we even had a table visit from the chef. I've lived in New York City, Paris, London and have traveled extensively...I would say this was the best meal of my life and I've been dying to go back ever since.

            Black Bear Restaurant
            10375 Ute Pass Ave, Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819

    2. Gertrudes on Colorado in the old Colorado City section of town for any meal......fabulous.....and up the mountain in Woodland Park (hwy 24 west) is Danny's Corner Bistro....never disappoints (Danny's is not open for breakfast)

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      1. (I'm reprinting a post I made here a couple of months ago, updated for accuracy.)

        Here are couple of suggestions, quite accessible from the Broadmoor. For breakfast, try Smiley's, located downtown. Also for breakfast, if you like vegetarian fare, Adam's Mountain Cafe, in Manitou Springs. For game meats, the best is the Craftwood Inn, also in Manitou Springs. A very good place for lunch, located across the street from Smiley's, is Poor Richard's, a downtown Colorado Springs fixture since the mid-'70s. A great place to people watch. They feature thin-crust pizza, and a variety of other vegetarian and non-vegetarian lunch and dinner options. Two doors down from Poor Richard's is Rico's, a nice wine and beer bar (they also specialize in coffees and teas), with live, local music most evenings.

        Good mexican can be found at Vallejo's, just east of the central downtown district (not quite walking distance). They don't have a liquor license, though. Also, The Loop, in Manitou Springs, is a great place to hang out. I can't speak, necessarily, to the authenticity of the food (it is good), but I can speak to the quality of the margaritas....

        A fun place with a decently authentic atmosphere (for Colorado Springs) is Jack Quinn's Irish Pub, downtown. Live irish music most nights, good food and good beer.

        If you want huge slabs of beef, check out The Famous (downtown). And a new thai place I just found is Na Rai, located northwest of downtown. The Pad Thai, and Yellow Curry were both very good.

        Hope this helps. Have a great trip!

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          Does ANYONE have a clue as to how Vallejos makes their green chili? I could kill for the recipe. Lilly did it SO well!!

          We went there for years and YEARS before we moved away... SO sad!