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Jun 29, 2009 09:02 AM

is bon ami the same as barkeepers friend?

my all clad needs a scrub but i only have bon ami at home. will it scratch? thanks!

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  1. it should work, I use bon ami and bk friend interchangeably on stainless

    1. No - not the same. Bon Ami has no oxyalic acid or chlorine and is less abrasive than other cleansers. Bar Keepers Friend (BKF) has oxalic acid and is slightly abrazive. Oxalic acid dissolves rust and will take the color out of fabrics just like bleach. BKF will ruin anodized aluminum finishes but is great for stainless steel. BKF will restore SS to a brilliant shine.

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      1. re: kayakado

        Beware using BKF on stainless steel appliances such as fridges. The surface can have a coating that is abraded away. I suspect it is to do with 'fingerprint control'.

        1. re: kayakado

          "... BKF will ruin anodized aluminum finishes..."

          Huh. I scrubbed the hell out of my All-Clad LTD saucepan when I had an overflow of oil (don't ask...) and it did nothing to the finish -- LTD is bulletbroof stuff, all of the "scratches" came off too. Maybe it is certain kinds of anodized materials.

          1. re: mateo21

            Second this. I have a LTD saucepan as well that I've used BKF on regularly with no issues.

          2. re: kayakado

            Has anyone had problems with Bar Keeper's Friend (BKF) ruining finishes?
            Do you use it on the outside of stainless steel cookware?

            I just bought my first can of BKF for our brand-new calphalon 3-ply stainless pains, and it completely erased a oil stain that wasn't touched with soaking and scrubbing with a durable but non-abrasive scrubber and soap. Impressive! Now I'm thinking of using it to get rid of some water spots on our JA Henckels Twin Cuisine Knifes...

            1. re: ejs064

              Bar Keeper's Friend (BKF) is pretty effective, but not extremely aggressive. I had used BKF cleaning cookware, bakeware, and knives. I won't say very often, but I have done it. Yes, it will get rid of the water spots.

          3. thanks! as long as it's LESS abrasive I'm happy to use it- and it worked to restore a pretty burned pan. for now i'll stick to this

            1. Bon Ami is probably the least abrasive mass market product you can buy. It may not do the job, but it's always worth trying before anything else.

              BKF cleans by strong chemical action. It is more abrasive than Bon Ami, but not by very much. It will work beautifully on your SS.

              BKF may harm some anodized aluminum, but is specifically recommended by Calphalon for some of their anodized aluminum products.

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              1. re: embee

                embree: "Bon Ami is probably the least abrasive mass market product you can buy."

                Agree. It's also one of the most under-appreciated and (was, anyway) hardest to find. For many decades now, it has been true to its motto: Hasn't Scratched Yet". I'd drive another 10 miles to get it, instead of BKF.

                1. re: kaleokahu

                  Where does one find Bon Ami these days? I haven't found it in ages but haven't looked very hard (just glance occasionally at stores I usually shop at and haven't seen it). Growing up this is what we had in the house all the time.

                  1. re: CrazyOne

                    CrazyOne: "Where does one find Bon Ami these days? I haven't found it in ages ..."

                    We find it at Safeway.

                    We find it at Fred Meyer (now owned by Kroger).

                    We find it at Albertson's.

                    1. re: CrazyOne

                      CrazyOne: I have noticed that Bon Ami is now more widely available, and that they have "modernized" their label. Good thing, superior product.

                2. All-Clad recommends BKF which is what I use and I have no complaints.