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Jun 29, 2009 08:59 AM

sushi in oakville/burlington?

hi chowhounders,

i'm meeting some hamilton friends in oakville for dinner on a sunday night. they LOVE sushi and want me to pick the restaurant.

i've taken them to mye before and we all had a good meal.

are there any other recos for sushi in either oakville or burlington? authentic would be friends can't tell the difference but they can tell quality from crap. AYCE is NOT preferred. we'll also have a 6 year-old (who eats sushi) with us ... i don't need family/roadhouse-style but we left the 6 year-old @ home for the mye meal when we sat in the tatami room.


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  1. If I'm in Oakville and craving sushi, I only rely on Dai Ichi on Winston Churchill (in a strip mall). It's on the border of Mississauga, so it might not be the exact area you are looking for, but that's the only one I can recommend since I find it better than Mye and all the ones on Kerr. They have tatami rooms there as well. I recommend the mountain roll which is a spicy salmon roll covered in salmon.

      1. Try Tako in Oakville:

        I used to go there regularly when I still lived in town. They broke off from Tokyo Bay in dt Oak about 5 years ago and opened their own place. The staff is very friendly and if you go regularly they will get to know you and your order which is nice.

        Obviously not as good as Mye, but a good mid-range sushi restaurant.

        1. My choice in burlington would be Ichiban Sushi House

          or more casual is Bento Box - you order at the counter but they do table service. The menu there has really grown over the years. Staff is very friendly at both. Both are on Fairview St.

          1. hi all,

            thanks so much for all the recos!!