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Jun 29, 2009 08:35 AM

Bess Brunch

Since Enoteca has stopped serving that delicious steak and eggs with yukon potatoes, and since my other steak and egg fave Starlight has closed, we have been searching for a good replacement that doesn't cost a fortune (i.e. under $15). Enoteca should stop serving scrapple (ugh) and put the damn steak back on the menu. You missed my money five times in the past few mos. b/c there wasn't any steak and eggs to be had there. Last time I was there, I ordered the eggs hollandaise instead and it sucked and the service sucked. Enoteca, are you listening?

So we decided to try Bess for the first time. It is nice and dark in there, great for a hangover. The coffee was weak but hot and kept full. Ordered sirloin steak med rare and eggs over medium with cheese grits. So looking forward to sopping up steak juice and yolk with some excellent french bread (like you get in louisiana, not that crap they serve so called poboys on here). Well, my steak was rarer that I usually order but I pulled through. The yolks- completely done and dry. My partner ordered same as me, except his steak was about well done, along w/ the eggs. By this point, the table across from us was full of blow hards pontificating loudly about Obama having too much face time w/ the American public... yada yada yada. So I sucked it up and ate em dry just to get the hell out of there. The grits were very good but really could use some tabasco.

I think we'll hit them up again for dinner because the shephard's pie sounds good. But I don't know about sirloin steak- it's no prize compared to what used to go down on Sunday at Enoteca.

Two steak and egg plates with one coffee was $32. Don't think I'll do it again.

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  1. Interesting-I have had almost the exact opposite experience. I would highly recommend Bess for brunch, but my dinner there was fairly pedestrian.

    1. I agree w/NWLarry, LOVE Bess, brunch, lunch drink snack and for dinner, it is suberb!

      1. It may sound dumb, but you used to be able to get a CAB steak and eggs for about 7 bucks at Fran's on 290 and Cameron. Or is it Dan's. I can't remember.

        Was that the price with tax and tip?

        1. I agree with NWLarry - Took about 12 people to brunch there. It was very good. Dinner has never been bad, but barely makes good. It mostly just wallows in mediocrity.

          The eggs benedict with the crab add-on will bring me back.