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Jun 29, 2009 07:55 AM

White Mountains recommendations for family with kids

My brother- and sister-in-law and kids, 5 and 3, are planning go to the White Mountains in NH to Story Land etc. this summer. They'd like some recommendations for restaurants. I think they are staying at the Red Jacket.

They tend to favor chain restaurants, and I advised them that the region was pretty much family-owned places. Also, one of the kids has diabetes, so any place that provides nutrition info is a big plus.

Please provide any recommendations for:
* Pizza
* Steaks
* Italian
* Any kind of kid-themed place


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  1. I've had pretty good luck at the Muddy Moose...sort of like a toned down version of a bugaboo creek..good for the kids. I had a sauteed trout entree last time there that was good. THey have a website, don't know about nutritional info.

    Also, Ive heard good things about Moat Mountain Smokehouse, although not sure about kids...supposedly some great beers and really good ribs & steaks (Cert Angus only)

    Good luck

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      We just got back from the same exact trip - 2 families, with kids 3,5 and 8 - and totally recommend Moat Mountain Smokehouse. They were fast, very kid friendly and the BBQ was great. Good kids' menu, and in a plus for the grownups the beer comes in 16 ounce AND 20 ounce versions. Helpful hint: Storyland is great, but afterwards you *will* need the 20 ounce.