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Jun 29, 2009 07:44 AM

Vegetarian burgers

I've been trying to find Tivi Valley (pareve) veggie burgers for a few months, but they seem to have vanished from all store freezers... the rest of the Tivi Valley products seem to be going that way, too. I can't find any information on the box to contact the company. Does anyone know what's happened to it??

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  1. ...I asked about this in my local supermarket and was told "I don't know." Hmmm.

    1. I did a search and they are part of Kedem. Maybe you can try contacting them?

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          1. re: weinstein5

            Thanks, I do see it there... but the links on their website appear to be broken, so I can't contact them... this is incredibly frustrating!

            1. re: maga

              I clicked on "contact customer service" (just out of curiosity), and it brought up a blank email addressed to "" You can give it a shot if you want to try to contact them.

          2. re: maga

            As with many food companies (well, many companies overall), they make far more than one product. I know I've bought Kedem jam for Pesach; I'm sure they must have many other products as well.

        1. I don't know what happened to Tivi Valley, however, I do know that Tivi Vally is stuff which has been made by Tivall. I wish someone here would iport Tivall directly because they are the best veggie products one can buy (IMVHO).
          In any event, Grden Gourmet and tivi Vally I believe are exactly teh same things, both made by Tivall. Perhaps try the garden Gourmet burgers?

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          1. re: marissaj

            Garden Gourmet and Tivi Valley are not the same thing at all. I haven't got either one in front of me to check, but if I remember correctly the Tivi Valley stuff is made from soy, while the Garden Gourmet stuff is made from wheat. I can certainly taste the difference in the drumsticks; I love the GG drumsticks, but not the TV ones.

            1. re: marissaj

              They don't even LOOK the same... I think I will have to try the Garden Gourmet, though, if Tivi Valley doesn't resurface. All I can find anywhere are the drumsticks, and even those seem to be disappearing. I've emailed Kedem, but have yet to receive a reply. I even asked my local supermarket about it, and they said that they don't know!!

              1. re: maga

                Kedem's main phone number is 718-384-2400

            2. I gues I stand corrected avout the burgers. I really thouht they were the same thing. Apologies.

              1. they were being imported by kenover foods brooklyn a division of kedem you can contact them