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Jun 29, 2009 07:18 AM

Dried Porcini Mushrooms

I have just acquired a bag of dried porcini mushrooms. They smell amazing!! Since I don't normally cook with porcini, I don't really know what to do with them. I was thinking of making some roasted garlic mashed potatoes with some of the mushrooms.

Any other ideas? Please share.

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  1. Mushroom ravioli or a risotto.

    What about also including some fresh portobello bits? I like the combination of dried with a little fresh.

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      Risotto is great, even added to a great wild rice is a favorite of mine.

      Ravioli is a great idea,

      Fritatta is amazing

      But a simple pasta dish with wild mushrooms, use the porcinis, some portabellos and some shitakis, a rich beef broth, some wine, carmelized onions and some fresh parm with some linguini. Amazing dish. Some fresh rosemary and a little garlic also make the dis great.

    2. they're great at bumping up flavor, for risotto or even mushroom soups and sauce. strain the soaking liquid and add that to whatever you're making.

      1. Early this year I made porcini butter from “Fish Without a Doubt” as part of a preparation for baked scallops. The scallops were just extraordinary, and the porcini butter so good I’ve been using often to perk up simply broiled or baked fish fillets.

        Here’s my report on the scallops, as well as reports from others who tried it:

        To make the porcini butter, grind ¼ cup of dried porcinis in a spice grinder and combine it with1 stick of softened butter, 1 teaspoon of truffle oil, ½ teaspoon of sherry vinegar, and salt and pepper. Set aside at room temperature for about an hour to give the flavors a chance to develop. I rolled the leftover butter into a log for easy slicing and put it in the freezer where it kept very well for as long as it lasted—which wasn’t very long.

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          Mushroom butter is great on Steak too. Simple and so good. Thx Joan N for bringing that up. It is very simple and so good. Even without the truffle oil. I used walnut oil for mine.

        2. Reconstituted in chicken stock and then blended with some cream, shallots and garlic, they make a beautiful sauce for pasta or grilled chicken.

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            I too enjoy making a porcini cream sauce for pasta or chicken (either grilled or pan sauted cutlets). I also like serving it in a chicken cutlet sandwich with baby greens and the porcini cream sauce poured on top.

          2. caramelized porcini on onion puree with shaved parmigiano - makes a fantastic savoury puff pastry and there is always porcini risotto. They DO smell amazing don't they?