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Jun 29, 2009 07:15 AM

Sunday Stonestown Farmers Market Opens

Did anyone go to the new Stonestown Farmers Market that opened yesterday? I just found out about it today and was sorry to have missed the opening. It's run by the Marin Farmers Markets group, the same group that runs the Marin Civic Center Markets, so I have great hopes for it. They say that they have over 50 vendors signed. Here's a link:

If anyone viisited this market, please report.



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  1. Yep, did so today July 5......very very nice. Lots of vendors with lots of produce, also baked goods, great food smells, very friendly. The only problem, not many customers at 9.45 and a few vendors looked disappointed, who wouldn't be? I emailed Marin Farmers' Market, the organizers, and suggested they might want to advertise a bit more, don't you think? Didn't count, but could have been 50 vendors. Lots of parking, by the way. Going to try the Inner Sunset Farmer's Market next time, looked great on-line. In any case, sure beats the Ferry Plaza prices. I bought gorgeous green beans for $1 per lb!!!!!!! Enjoy Linda C.

    1. I went this past Sunday, 7/12. They have something for everyone.

      Food vendors include Frank's BBQ, Belgian waffles, Andy & Cindy's Thai food, Indian Gourmet, Edith's Bakery, a cupcake bakery, and a couple of people making pies.

      Extras like a guitarist, masseuse and a little area for kids to play.

      Also a good mix of produce, certified organic and not. One fish guy, and they say they're working on getting a meat vendor too.

      I'm going back next week for Padron peppers!

      1. Just went today and it was OK, depending on what you want from a farmers' market. To me, it seemed to have a lot of prepared food and knick-knack booths. The selection of straight-up fruit and vegetable farmers seemed a little smaller than Serramonte and the prices seem a little more expensive. Nevertheless, I got some nice Brandywine tomatoes for $2/lb.