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Fancy Food Show 2009

Made the pilgrimage yesterday and walked the whole show this time around. I didn't particularly find anything that stood out or that was mind blowing. Did anyone else find something of interest?

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  1. How is it ppossible, if you did indeed walk the whole show-- with literally thousands of exhibitors-that you couldn't find ANYTHING great. I go every year and find there are always standouts.

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      Don't get me wrong, I found some great cheeses, a nice Spanish dessert wine, a great brick overn frozen pizza from VT. I'm saying that nothing stood out. Usually there is one or two "themes" that stand out.

    2. dear triggs-funny you say that cause i felt the same way!!!!!!! overwhelming but it was my first time to fancy food show and i totally expected to be blown away-very uninspiring.

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        In defense, I spent a full 7 hours walking the floor yesterday and I hardly saw anything "mind-blowing". I'll be back this morning, and I'll give a few things a second look: black garlic the international sections . . . (we already carry the pestos at our store). I too tried many great cheeses (cheese coma was the word) and some great condiments, but nothing blew me away.

        I'm getting some mangosteens and fresh coconuts today for sure.

      2. as usual, i spent almost all my time loading on madelaine chocolate - soooo good. caramel and peanut butter filled chocolate balls are ridiculous!


        1. I've been going fo the past 10 years. The first time I went, I was blown away by a gelato company out of MD. Tasted just like the real deal from Italy. Now the show is saturated with gelato. One just as good as the next. I got there Sunday at 10 and stayed till close. Had a great dinner after at Blue Smoke. Great beer list and BBQ!

          1. I thought that it was just more of the same. New products but no new things, except for the already mentioned aged black garlic,

            1. imho most of you miss the point of the show. It is not designed for consumers, it's for the trade. for owners and operators of food shops to shop for boutique items for their stores all in one place. Taste, compare, etc.

              Some years there are more "earthshaking" items or concepts than others. And for those who have never tasted (for example) white anchovies, the first time is always a revelation. ;)

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                No I understand that concept fully. All the boutique items were basically the same thing with a new label and a new location in the show. I was looking for something earthshaking. The Buffala butter from Nassau Candy & fine Foods was spectacular. Tell me what you found that maybe I did indeed miss. It is possible. Aisle after aisle, you eyes start to see blurry.

              2. Did anyone happen to try the fantastic vinegars from Rozendal in South Africa?

                I brought home a bottle (from the Winelands) and loved it to much that I contacted the company and arranged to buy a 6-bottle case. they told me they would be at the Javits show and I am curious if any CHers stopped at their booth.


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                  I was pleased to see today's NY Times mention of these fantastic Rozendal vinegars:


                2. A real standout was the new BBQ sauce from FunniBonz. I used to think Bone Suckin Sauce was the best, but I think that this one is even better. Also, Savannah Bee Company has come out with three new pump honeys that are really terrific. The grilling honey is nice and bold and will be great in marinades. The cheese honey and tea honey with pump were also really outstanding. I tasted the black garlic puree, but I am not quite sure how to cook with it -- the sales guy said that I should look at the recipes from Iron Chef since they used the black garlic on one of the shows. That's all that comes to mind right now.

                  1. i thought that the brazilian jellies -- cinnamon, vanilla and lemongrass were different and quite enjoyable. they also had these great tiny peppers. What I thought was great was the szechuan buttons. I am hooked!