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Jun 29, 2009 07:06 AM

20 librarians in search of a bar

The American Library Association is having its annual conference in a couple weeks in Chicago and I am trying to find a bar that can accommodate us on a Saturday from about 6pm-8pm. We're a group of about 20-25 academic librarians from all over the country and believe it or not, we're pretty cool (that is, no one has a bun but yeah, some of us will be wearing sensible shoes!). Ideally, we would like this bar to be within a 15-20 minute walk from our meeting at the Palmer House, to be able to deal with a large group (we're fine with splitting up at smaller tables but would like to still be close to each other), to offer some sort of small plates/appetizers, to not be crawling with jocks/business types/crazed twentysomethings, and to have some wines by the glass around $7. I've searched Metromix and Yelp and Time Out Chicago and I've yet to locate anything. I did consider Roof, but it sounded crowded and one review mentioned velvet ropes, which is definitely not in our plans. Is this impossible? I floated the idea of taking the El in order to leave the confines of the Loop but have met with some resistance. Many thanks for your help!

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  1. Is this the after 11pm outing I RSVPd to on Facebook?

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      No, although that sounds intriguing! Ours is just from 6pm-8pm or so.

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        Wow - I'll actually be awake at that hour!

        I'm trying to find someone to go for Ethiopian with me one night. I ate at Ethiopian Diamond the last time ALA met in Chicago. Now I'm living in a town with no Ethiopian restaurants. This is my chance. I'm Jonesing for kitfo.

    2. I'd try for a restaurant that serves alcohol and takes reservations, rather than a bar. Though some of them do reserve for parties as well. Give Roof a call, you never know. If you're talking about the Roof at the WIT hotel, it is THE hot place these days (where celebs who are in town go) but that doesn't mean they don't have a private area they'd reserve for you (I don't know that they do, though). The Palmer House also has some bars, or you might try Cafe Iberico. I think that's reasonably close, and it's a tapas place.

      Iberico Cafe & Bar
      737 N La Salle Dr, Chicago, IL 60654

      1. You might look into the C-View bar on the rooftop of the Affinia hotel. Very cool space. I don't know what it would take to RSVP that space.

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          same might be said for Zed 451's rooftop bar

        2. You might give Trattoria 10 a call. They've got a small separate bar area for after work snacking on weekdays. They might be willing to reserve a portion of it for you:

          Petterino's also does pre-theatre parties and might accommodate a smaller event:

          1. First of all, once you decide, post it here so we know where to find these amazing cool librarians next Saturday

            I suggest:
            Pops for Champagne at 601 N. State - great place
            bin36 on Dearborn and the river (near House of Blues) - great wine and cheese bar with huge selection of great wine in your price range
            Zed451 (Clark and Superior) rooftop is terrific, but it can get crowded although not at that time of night on a Saturday these days
            Martini Park at LaSalle and Erie is a terrific place and is good for the 30yo to 35yo crowd early (not sure of your age group)

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              Second that! Please post where!