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Jun 29, 2009 06:42 AM

Turkish Coffee in Edmonton

Is anyone aware of a market in Edmonton where I can get Turkish Coffee? I'm looking for the pulverized grind, from Mehmet Effendi. I don't want to mail order it.

I appreciate any help.



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  1. I remembered reading a review of Turkish place out in west end and they did have Turkish coffee. I searched and found MOR Mediterranean Turkish Cuisine at 15620 95 Avenue. I don't know it they are still open, but I remember the review was very positive.

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      MOR is closed. Maybe you could ask at Sofra?

    2. I would try Istanbul Food Market 137 ave . Sometimes Cappadocia Exports carries the coffee.

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      1. re: odee

        Thanks folks. That gives me a good start. I didn't realize that MOR was closed. I liked that place. Too bad.

        Thanks again for the suggestions!

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          Unfortunately, as IHPE said, MOT is no more.

          My wife and I headed there one evening several weeks ago because we too had enjoyed a past visit.

          I had checked the address on the internet and the site had even suggested a daily special [expect that was just the quirk of the internet program] so we were quite surprised to pull up to the parking lot and see a sign advising that an Italian restaurant was opening soon.

          It was one of those, "are you sure we are at the right location" moments [smile]

      2. There is a place downtown. It's right beside Grant Macewan and a Ford dealership. 106 st and 104 ave.

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          That would be the restaurant Sofra, mentioned above.

        2. The original comment has been removed