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Hotdogs in western MA

Looking to get some great hot dogs as my daughter and I go on adventures this summer in western MA. Any suggestions, we live in the Northampton area?

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  1. How about Nick's Nest in Holyoke? They've been there forever, and they are the best!

    1597 Northampton St., Holyoke, MA

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      What are the dogs at Nick's Nest like? Are they open year round?

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        Sorry, but Nick"s nest is overrated. Nothing special at all. White Hut in West Springfield is better than that.

      2. I'm not sure if it is because the hotdogs are good or just because our general love for our summer tradition, but my family always goes to a little ice cream/sandwich place across from the Turners Falls airport for sauerkraut or chili cheese dogs. That plus one of their giant ice cream cones makes me so happy...

        1. Teo's Hot Dogs on East St. in Pittsfield. My personal favorite are the Chili Dogs at the East Lee Package Store on Rt. 20 in Lee just east of the Outlet Stores.

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            Nick's Nest dogs are just plain awful. The best dogs are at the snack bar in Look Park Northampton. Dogs grilled in butter with grilled buns. Just like the Howard Johnson's hot dogs of yore. Just order a bag of chips and an orangeade and you're in a time machine back to say, 1958.

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              Another vote for Teo's if you're in Pittsfield. They are unique and sorta the Pitts' only indigenous food? Mini lightly grilled hot dogs served on steamed little buns with 3 traditional toppings: mustard, meat sauce and chopped onions. Sadly, Whorle's no longer makes the dogs (which were snappy and great) but the substitute is acceptable. I think an adventurous kid would love them!

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                Actually, these little Pittsfield dogs are native to nearby downtown Troy NY where they have been an institution for generations. Head to Troy and there are a number of these excellent little old joints downtown. Best with the meat sauce! I love 'em

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                  Have tried most of the Troy mini-hd joints, but still stand by the original Whorles @ Teo's as the best. Sadly, another part of the past.

            2. I had a bite of the chili/cheese dog from Skip's Roadside Diner on Rte 2 in Gill, MA. It was delicious! I already had a plateful of pierogies and kapusta, otherwise I would have wanted more.

              1. Head to North Adams, check out Kid's Space at MASS MoCA and hit Jack's Hot Dogs on Eagle St. It's a north county establishment.

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                1. Tom's Hot Dog in South Deerfield!! Foot long dogs that are surprisingly delicious. A New England staple, for sure.

                  Tom's Hot Dog
                  37 State Rd
                  South Deerfield, MA 01373
                  (413) 665-2931‎

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                    I'll second Tom's Long Dog's, very close to you in Northhampton.
                    I'm thinking its in Whately?

                  2. The hot dog place next to Look Park is Scotties, located on Route 9 just north of the park. Insanely good hot dogs, footlongs, steamed, in a buttered toasted bun , hand cut skin-on french fires,,too bad they are closed for the season. weekend specials include steamers, fried oysters, fried clams (available summer only) Great spot. They also have ice cream and a driving range. they re-open early spring.

                    1. It would be hard to find a better 'pure" dog than Jacks in North Adams. By pure I mean no Greek meat sauce , Chili sauce, cheese or anything else to distract from this simple 5 inches of hot dog heaven. The snap of the locally made dog, the perfectly steamed bun or maybe the feeling you've stepped back in time. Jacks hasn't changed much since I had my first 3 with everything 45 years ago, or my Dad's first over 70 years ago.
                      Now you can get a great chili dog at Jacks but it's hard to beat just a regular dog with everything, Of coarse there's their french fries and the cheese burgers don't get me started on the cheese burgers............

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                        Who makes the hot dogs for Jacks these days?

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                          I love a good chili dog every once in awhile, but 90% of the time I have my dogs plain with just a little mustard. I seek out high quality dogs made from whole cuts of beef (no trimmings) or beef/pork. These dogs are so good that they do not need anything to mask the flavor of the frank which should be the focus of the taste experience.

                          Do you know where they get their franks from?

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                            just read this string of posts & there are some places i haven't hit up that sound great. the seasonal spots will be opening up before too long, however, so i thought i'd give this overview of the valley hot dog scene, as observed by my son & i last summer.

                            skip's seasonal trailer on rte. 2 in gill is indeed the home of a lovely dog, with a grilled bun and condiments placed on the bun underneath the meat. which makes for much less messy eating.

                            the wagon wheel, also on rte.2 in gill, now open year round i think, has quite a good dog as well.

                            denny's pantry -- not affiliated with the chain -- on rte. 5&10 just south of rte. 2 in greenfield, has okay dogs, but not worth driving for. what they do have that's worth a drive is a seasonally-available (two weeks in march/april usually) fiddlehead soup, which is creamy and good.

                            in deerfield -- snack bars at magic wings + yankee candle both have rotten dogs

                            however, theres'a seasonal cart at m&m green valley farmstand on rte 5 (across from magic wings) that has very nice steamed dogs + a few specials with odd toppings that are quite excellent.

                            in sunderland, the seasonally open, sugarloaf frosty on rte. 116 does a pleasing dog in a toasted bun, and their expanded menu last year was pretty cool, too.

                            smiarowkski's farmstand -- seasonal -- on rte 47 in sunderland has been disappointing for dogs the last few years, although their continued presentation of snow's hard ice cream never fails to please and their polish specials can be cool.

                            in hatfield on river road, nourse farm (or one of those berry places down there, can't remember exactly which, but when they're open there's a big sign up at the intersection of river road & route 116 in south deerfield) has added dogs and keilbasa in the last year. only been once and it was okay, but not great. that's seasonal.

                            in whately, tom's long dogs is now open all year long, and must say i am a great fan of their steamed foot-longs. my son loves them with sauce & all that junk, and over the past couple of years they're really come up with odd specials.

                            in florence (or is it leeds?) scottti's seasonal stand on rte. 9 has a very decent dog, and also a driving range so you can work off the calories (at least conceptually) right away.

                            one of our faves is further out rte. 9 in williamsburg. the seaonal williamsburg snack bar has a great dog with grilled bun, although i'm not sure i like having to administer the condiments myself. my wife works out near there sometimes and she swears their lobster roll (only available friday & satrday, i think) is fantastic and one of the best bargains on the planet.

                            in easthampton, the tasty top on rte. 10, is also a seasonal place with attandant golf driving range, but i find their 1/4 pound dogs really sorta gross.

                            also in easthampton, there's a seasonal "dog cart" (is that the right name?) which is in a parking lot in front of that auto parts store in the town's central square (the roundabout where rte. 10 meets rte. 141). it used to be kinda lame, but this last year someone new was runing the show and the dogs were excellent with lightlly grilled buns.

                            also in easthampton, on the town square is the silver spoon, a breakfast/lunch diner that serves a decent grilled dog.

                            there's also a seasonal creamy/dog place in a used car lot on rte. 47 driving from hadley to south hadley, but i haven't yet driven by when the season and my hunger were in sync.

                            in holyoke there's nick's nest on rte. 5, of cpurse. and there's always controversy about nick's dog (which has been made the same way for generations). the problem is that it is so unlike any other dog you've ever had, comparisons are fairly worthless. it is a unique entity and should be appreciated as such. the dog itself is cooked on a roller in oil, and the buns are steamed to the point where they all but meld with the dog when they're served. the whole experience is wonderful and a bit weird, but when you want it, nothing else will quite do.

                            and white hut on memorial drive in springfield is just a classic place. if you like grilled onions, man -- this is the place. no menu (even on the wall) -- just dogs and burgers and fries, with onions or without. classic stuff. i recently caught their breakfast, too, which was great -- grilled onion omelets. yum.

                            anyway, i'm sure we missed some. that place by the airport in turners is legendary, and those places in look park, pittslfield and lee sound worth the drive. anyway, it'll be dog season soon. and i hope folks will post some other good tips -- like, where's one in chicopee? i mean, blue seal dogs are my absolute faves (barring the brief glorious summer when pekarski's smoke house made their own), so chicpoee should have some ruling spots.

                            man, i am getting hungry just thinking about spring!


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                              Whoa, can someone please alert me when that fiddlehead soup comes around? Are there specific dates?

                              1. re: fatheryod

                                Also, this post is just amazing. Thank you for all that research. So great. I wish there were more lists like this. Is NIck's Nest seasonal?

                                1. re: corinnerose

                                  nick's is open year-round, not sure of the exact hours, but shoud be findable somewhere on the web.. and i will keep my eyes peeled for the sandwich board that accompanies the arrival of fiddlehead soup at denny's pantry. there are no specific dates, they just make i when the fiddleheads arise. i'll post to the board when i notice.


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                                    just wanted to note that scotties in (is it leeds?)...anyway on route 9, west of florence, is open for the season. stopped by yesterday and had a lovely steamed footlong with the works and it was very nice. also hit local burger for their dog, which is all beef and grilled. the dog was fine, but man, those cold dog buns are kind of a bummer.
                                    on a related note -- i was just in chicago over the weekend (some SWEET dogs out that way) and also hit the east lee liquor store on the way home. as mentioned above, their mini chili dog was pretty hip in a bite-sized kinda way. gotta check out those pittsfield spots soon.


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                                      damn, the fiddlehead soup was in at Denny's Pantry in Greenfield, so I buzzed by there and decided to have a dog as well. It was much better than my memory -- scored with deep crosses on the skin and grilled very nicely, served on a buttred/grilled NE style dog bun. you have to order it as part of a plate -- with either slaw (mayonnaisey but very good or fries) and runs about $3.50. get there for a cup of fiddlehead + a dog before the soup's all gone.

                                      i continued on and saw that sklp's on rt. 2 in gill opened their truck on april 1 this year. i had to stop. they seem to have a new dog style this year, and i have no complaints. their new offerings are pork footlongs, steamed, then grilled a bit if you request. i could stand them grilled a bit more, and i'm sure you can request a bit of extra scorch. they serve them on a buttered/grilled NE style bun, and (love this) they put the condiments underneath the dog, so it cuts down on the mess quite a bit. i also noticed that Buns on Wheels and Tasty Top in easthampton are both open, and Tasty Top doesn't have that 1/4 POUND DOG placard out front anymore, so maybe their dogs have gotten reasonable again. i'll let ya know as soon as i find out.

                                      Skip's Roadside Diner 24 French King Highway (Route 2), Gill, MA 01354
                                      (413) 863-999

                                      Buns on Wheels is on the rotary in downtown easthampton, in the parking lot of an auto parts store.


                                      Denny's Pantry
                                      469 Bernardston Rd, Greenfield, MA 01301

                                      Tasty Top
                                      97 Northampton St, Easthampton, MA 01027

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                                        hit a few more spots this past week. the place up by turners falls airport is on miller's falls road and is called Country Creamee. their dog a steamed footlong served on a steamed NE style. it was pretty good, but a little water-logged for my taste. could have stood a bit of grilling. but they do serve the condiments underneath the dog, which is cool, and i'll definitely check 'em out again when the seaon is rolling a little harder.

                                        also hit the Wagon Wheel in gill (on rte. 2, just west and across the street from Skip's). they were serving a lovely dog, split and grilled, with a grilled NE style bun as well. their outdoor window is open for the season now, and their expanded menu looks very damn tasty.

                                        back down in south deerfield i hit Jerry's Place, right at the corner of elm and main. this breakfast/lunch only spot is a classic no nonsense counter, favored by many locals for a quick bite. their prices always seem a tad higher than they should be, but they're still in the reasonable range, and the dog was served split and grilled on a buttered/grilled NE style bun. quite delicious!

                                        also hit Tom's Long Dog in whatley again and they have again expanded their menu to include some very weird combos. i had a fiesta dog with jalapeno cheese, salsa and jalapenos ($3.10) and it was very happening. place was packed, too, but they really keep things moving well.

                                        anybody got any new places for me to hit?


                                        Jerry's Place
                                        127 N Main St, South Deerfield, MA 01373

                                      2. re: fatheryod

                                        So, I went to Denny's Pantry to get that fiddlehead soup! The soup was delicious. It's creamy and kind of onion-y with little fiddlehead bits. I've never had anything like it! And I really liked theatmosphere there. Will definitely go back.

                                        Denny's Pantry
                                        469 Bernardston Rd, Greenfield, MA 01301

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                                          glad you made it. i find i stop there more during the month they have that soup than all the rest of the year combined. i like the place, it's just there are so many spots to hit! also, as a note -- you get much faster service if you sit at the counter. the service can get a little scattered when they're busy. not always, but i find the counter's usually best.


                                          1. re: fatheryod

                                            Yes, I sat at the counter actually. Plus you get a great view of the kitchen and all the waitstaff/linecook drama. Firs rate.

                                            What else is worth hitting in Greenfield? (aside from the standards...)

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                                              thought it was worth mentioning that tom's long dogs in whately has now built a little garage area for enclosed dining in winter. they're open all year! hours are 11-4 (i think). also, capt. jack's on rte 10 in easthampton is the new kid on the block, but serves a lovely steamed/grilled dog, which i believe is a blue seal. also, i have noticed that the buns on wheels trailer on the main square in easthampton seems to have started a four-season schedule. which is excellent! there's also a cart in the parking lot of whatever the place is that used to be the seven ohs was in sunderland. have not seen it open yet, but it appears to be ready. winter dogs are a different animal!

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                                                I did a little search on Chowhound and came across a discussion about Michigans and Coney Dogs and whether a chili dog is the same as a hot dog with sauce!! I guess hot dogs are a very sensitive subject everywhere! No wonder there are so many opinions! I bet there are more interesting discussions besides this one.


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                                    I grew up on hot dogs in KY. I could never eat too many. It was Saturday night fare at my house when I was growing up and our community had "weenie" roasts and ice cream socials all the time. My mom made the chili sauce for the dogs to feed over a hundred people. The local bakery and the local bowling alley served equally good dogs with that same style of chili sauce that my mom made. Even the A&W made great chili sauce! I left KY in 1982 and have been mostly disappointed with regional hot dogs ever since. Maybe everyone likes what they grow up with, but I know that with some things I grew up with I have found better, and other things I have not. Hot dogs fall into the latter category. I always ordered my hot dogs with kraut, chili, or cheese and they were all equally good. The kraut was warm and crunchy, the chili sauce was meaty but kind of thin with a wonderful ketchup/chili powder flavor and NO beans!! And of course, in KY there is no such thing as a New England style hot dog roll.

                                    I have tried hot dogs at just about all the places mentioned in this thread and while some dogs are better than others, none of them have given me a craving to return. Today I had a dog at Scottie's for the first time. It was one of those dogs that pop, it was steamed or boiled and was served on a cold New England style bun. The thing I don't like about New England style buns is that they are flimsy and they don't stand up to the toppings. My husband got kraut and they put it on the bottom and it made the bun soggy, and then they put the mustard on top which made for a very messy sandwich. I had mine with cheese (on the bottom) and mustard on top. It was okay but I was hoping to be awed and I wasn't.

                                    I've tried dogs all kinds of ways around the Valley - with stuff and plain. I mostly go for plain these days (or maybe some cheese) because I can't stand that gray cooked to death kraut that they make around here or the awful chili sauce with beans! Maybe that's the difference - it's not chili sauce, it's actual chili!

                                    There are a couple of places mentioned in this thread that I haven't tried, like Stubby's and the farm stand across from Magic Wings. I will definitely try Jack's in North Adams and Speed's in Boston. Maybe I just have to come to terms with the fact that they just don't serve my kind of hot dog here.

                                    1. re: JunieB

                                      you might like the mini dogs they serve out in lee, just off the pike. hopefully someone can clarify this vague post. i'm in chicago right now & out of the mass dog loop. also, i noticed last week a street guy has again set-up in greenfield -- although about a half mile west of where the previous guy worked. could be worth a shot!

                              2. I've seen a lot of places mentioned in this thread and thought I'd comment on some. Skip's in Gill is a guilty pleasure of mine. Not just the hot dogs, either. Just great food. There's a hand-cart that was set up on Main Street in Greenfield (down in front of the Mohawk Mall) that serves up some mighty fine dogs, but I'm not sure of his hours. I've driven by Tom's a hundred times, but never around meal time, so I've never stopped. There's a roadside stand on route 2 up in Shelburne, Stubby's dogs, and he has some great dogs, too. Adams Donuts in Greenfield is doing foot-long dogs at lunch time. Topping are limited, but what could be better than a hot dog and a donut for lunch?

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                                  unfortunately, the guy in greenfield seems to have retired. at least that's what i heard. skip's just opened, however, and i'm waiting to be past my diet to give it well-deserved visit. what a great place! as to adam's, well, they do a very standard steamed dog, which i have not found to be the equal of their donuts -- which are great. but hotdogs are a subjective experience.
                                  i also noticed the gent is back on the easthampton/northampton line on rte. 5 (just south of clarion hotel/page's loft). last year he offered a solid steamed dog, but i never made it back for a second (signifying) visit. my mistake.
                                  where on rte. 2 is stubby's? i've never managed to see it.
                                  as to tom's, my friend, there are some delights to be had if you like foot-long steamed. when my son comes back to town -- or visits with friends -- that is the first place we hit. and its year-round status has done nothing to diminish its goodness. it's worth a stop, meal time or not.
                                  but the other roadside places will be blooming soon as well.
                                  if i may, i'll put in another plug for capt. jacks in easthampton. they char their dogs (after steaming) and they are be seals (at least they taste like 'em), and this my current go-to roadspot for all occasions. they have a facebook site, but i don't, so i never know what their specials are. but that's okay. i like mst of 'em. and steve, you might too.

                                  1. re: fatheryod


                                    I'm sorry to hear that the guy on main street retired! Good for him, bad for the rest of us! The way you feel about Tom's is kind of how I used to feel about Lee's hot dog stand in Templeton. I grew up in Barre, so in the summer my family would pile into the station wagon and make the trip up to Lee's about once a week. Sad thing is, I stopped by there a couple of years ago and their dogs were just terrible - nothing like they were when I was a kid.

                                    To answer your question, Stubby's is up in Shelburne. It's in the parking lot of the hardware store there (can't remember if its true value or maybe aubochon), but its on the left a little ways before the gas station. I drove by this week and he was open for the season, but I haven't had the chance to stop yet. If I recall his menu's pretty huge for a roadside place, but all I ever get is dogs.

                                    Oh, and I agree with you about the dogs at Adams Donuts... I like them just for the side dish with my lunch ;-)

                                    Say... has anyone tried the guy that sets up in the abandoned snack.shack across from stop&shop? I've driven by a few times but not stopped (its close enough to Skips that I usually go there), but I'm curious how his dogs are.

                                    1. re: steve_eats

                                      i have wondered the same thing -- what's it called? grumpys or something. when this diet is finished i will attempt a thorough update. there is also a new place in the parking lot of what used to be seven ohs on 116 in sunderland. i think the name now is snowees or something, just south of cliffside apartments. and i saw today that he's open for business as well.

                                      1. re: fatheryod

                                        Just wanted to drop in and say I heard on the radio the other day that Tom's is open evening hours now. Guess I'll have to make a special trip down there real soon. Also, I finally got to stop at Stubby's for the first time this year. Took a better look at his menu and decided I'd splurge and get a dog and also try a burger. Glad I. did, the burger was excellent. Still can't resist those dogs, though. Oh, and just an update, Adams donuts stopped doing the hot dogs at lunch. Don't know why - maybe they just didn't sell well enough.

                                        1. re: steve_eats

                                          thanks for the update. i'm planning to hit stubby's within a few days. any ideas what his hours might be?

                                2. Just had a hot dog from the lady in that parking lot just off the rotary in Easthampton. I really liked it. The bun is the notorious New England style, albeit buttered and toasted. Kraut was on the bottom. They now offer a card that they stamp. I guess you get something free after you get so many punches. I like this little place and the lady is very accommodating and sweet.

                                  But the real reason I logged on to this thread is another thing entirely! My husband and I were walking through the Holyoke Mall a few weeks back and I commented, as we were walking by one, that I hadn't eaten an Auntie Ann's pretzel in 20 years and wondered what their menu was like these days. They were literally flagging people down so I stopped and gave their menu the once over and decided to try their hot dog (wrapped in a pretzel of course). I shared it with my husband and we were both pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Now I don't think I would recommend it as a must try place as that would mean that I am encouraging people to go to a mall, but if you do happen to find yourself down that way, give it a try.

                                  Auntie Ann's
                                  101 Independence Mall Way, Kingston, MA 02364