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Jun 29, 2009 06:07 AM

Business Lunch at Yonge/Eg

Hello, any suggestions? I'm not overly familiar with restaurants in this area of the city.

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  1. Coquine has a nice atmosphere -- opens at 12. French bistro. Tabule is also open for lunch. Good Middle Eastern.

    1. Many options to choose from. Grazie, Amore or Alize for Italian, Coquine for French; all of which are fairly efficient about getting you fed within an hour.

      1. Could go to Mandarin for a buffet

        1. Also Chef of India; not sure if Zucca has lunch but it has very good Italian.

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          1. I've never been there for lunch, but if it's as good as dinner (and I have no reason to think it wouldn't be) Quince would be a perfect spot for a business lunch. Their menu: