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Business Lunch at Yonge/Eg

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Hello, any suggestions? I'm not overly familiar with restaurants in this area of the city.

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  1. Coquine has a nice atmosphere -- opens at 12. French bistro. Tabule is also open for lunch. Good Middle Eastern.

    1. Many options to choose from. Grazie, Amore or Alize for Italian, Coquine for French; all of which are fairly efficient about getting you fed within an hour.

      1. Could go to Mandarin for a buffet

        1. Also Chef of India; not sure if Zucca has lunch but it has very good Italian.

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          1. I've never been there for lunch, but if it's as good as dinner (and I have no reason to think it wouldn't be) Quince would be a perfect spot for a business lunch. Their menu:


            1. I just mentioned Mandarin in my original reply but there are many.
              1.Mai Thai
              2.Sorn Thai
              3.Spring Rolls
              4.Copa Cabana
              5.Pickle Barrel
              5.Cha liu (Dim sum)
              6.Dizzy on Yonge

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                Are you taking the quality of food into consideration at all? Spring Rolls, Mandarin, Copa Cabana and Pickle Barrel all pretty much have horrible food. Can't speak for your other choices (I do like Cha Liu for the area).

              2. A friend often takes clients to La Vecchia for lunch.