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Jun 29, 2009 04:01 AM

food at the Rhinebeck Aerodrome?

I'm taking my teen daughter there for a mom-daughter outing. Is there food there? Is it edible? Or should we plan on a picnic lunch?

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  1. I went once for an open house where they served food but I think that was exceptional. I think there is minimal food there -- perhaps there's a hot dog cart or something like that when there's an air show but I wouldn't necessarily count on that. You can get nice sandwiches or main course salads at Bread Alone in Rhinebeck or at Taste Budd's in Red Hook (and depending on her age, your daughter might go crazy for the pastries at Taste Budd's).

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      thanks--I was thinking of bringing picnic stuff from home but your suggestion of Bread Alone looks great-- my daughter's a vegetarian and they have way more than the usual number of veggie offerings.