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Jun 29, 2009 12:35 AM

Tea ball that fits in a thermos?

When I make a single cup of tea, I'm able to use wonderful Earl Grey that I get from Intelligentsia. When I need to make a full thermos, though, I end up reverting back to lousy Twinings teabags.

Can anyone recommend a tea ball/filter basket that will fit in a Nissan thermos? Every one I've come across is too darned wide to fit. Surely someone has recognized the problem and made a cigar shaped filter basket? I really don't want to mess around with making my own teabags.


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  1. I make my AM tea in a Nissan thermos every day & use a tea filter. Fits perfectly & makes excellent tea. I get mine from Upton Tea but most good tea vendors (SpecialTeas etc) have them

    PS: btw, I don't bother with the clip...I just prop the Nissan top over the opening to hold the filter in place & keep the tea as hot as possible...

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      Not sure where you live... But here in Toronto, Chinatown is full of thermos' with integrated tea baskets / strainers.
      You may not find a strainer to fit your existing thermos, but you will find a combo. There are also specialty tea stores here ( ) that have similar items.


    2. I'd also recommend tea filters, or if you want something reuseanle, the tea stick would fit in your Nissan thermos.