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Jun 28, 2009 11:59 PM

Looking for a certain Japanese seafood restaurant

I have heard about a place I want to try but have forgotten key details; like the NAME. Here is what I remember. It's Downtown, I think below 14th. It is owned by two Japanese sisters and specializes in seafood from their home district. I THINK the name begins with the letters UI. Can anyone help?

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  1. OOPS! I found it, it's Uminoie. Does anyone have any comments on it?

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      I think some of the dishes are based on Okinawa cuisine, and is probably the only place in Manhattan you can get that sort of food (there used to be a Japanese restaurant uptown that specialized in Okinawa food but closed down a while ago, I think).

      The place is very cozy (read: tiny) and charming, like you're in someone's home kitchen. Food portions are small, and I found it rather forgettable.

    2. It's operated by two women, but they're not sisters. The main girl is from an island of Nagasaki Prefecture, not Okinawa. Their menu has no particular focus on seafood or region. Although, they do serve noodles from that island.