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4th of July Ice Cream Flavors

Need some help with Ice Cream flavors/theme for a 4th of July Bash.

Every year I whip up some kind of Ice Cream bar for my 4th of July party. Last year I kept it simple with a banana split theme (3 flavors and banana split toppings). I'm sort of stuck on what to do with this year.

It's an almost all adult crowd (the ice cream doesn't make it out until the kids are all asleep, pretty evil!).

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  1. Turtles are always delicious -- vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce, caramel sauce and toasted, lightly salted pecans. You could toy with other flavors of ice cream, but I just love the simple homespun vanilla against the richness of the caramel and hot fudge toped with the salty pecans. Whip some cream, and there you go.

    1. I'd go patriotic with Strawberry, Blueberry and Vanilla.

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        Agree with monkey. Serve vanilla ic with strawberry & blueberry sauces, whipped cream, cherries, nuts.

        Or make a batch each of blueberry & strawberry ice creams. None for kids?! That's heartless!!

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          Yeah, I gotta agree too-- even if it wasn't patriotic, blueberry ice cream has to be one of the best simple delights of fresh summertime ice cream. I might go to adzuki over strawberry for red, but there is an undeniable appeal of using fresh strawberries or cherries in the middle of the summer.

        2. Cherry
          Vanilla bean

          1. How about peanut ice cream with hot fudge sauce? Or maybe subbing brown sugar in the various berry ice creams?

            1. BobMack, these are the kids, here. Just so you know, we're never going to sleep.

              Also, we like the red/white/blue idea. Make it blueberry, raspberry and vanilla bean ice cream, definitely do the strawberry and blueberry sauces like Phurstlove said and have lots and lots of whipped cream on hand. Get the bottled kind so we kids can do whippets.

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                OMG, you are too funny!! I thought you're supposed to save the whippets for the adults!!

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                  yes, get enough cans so that there's plenty to go around.

              2. Armagnac ice cream with fresh white peaches and whipped cream, jack daniels butter brickle ice cream, cherry vodka vanilla ice cream with balsamic fudge, maple rum tart crumble ice cream, maybe with a cinnamon streusel.

                Should involve fire at some stage.

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                  I had planned to suggest ginger and lemon or cardamom and green tea, but your flavors are much better.

                  BTW, Maple rum sounds amazing.

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                    I would LOVE cardamom-green tea ice cream! (And you *could* do a ginger limoncello.)

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                      crazy... you two are crazy good at thinking up amazing flavors. did you really just make these up or have you seen them somewhere? maybe you two need to team up and open your own ice cream shop, preferably in my neighborhood.

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                        Ive made green tea and cardamom, but ginger and lemon sound like a good summer combination.

                        My current flavor inspirations come from India, SE-Asia and China.

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                          I really have to try this! Do you boil cardamom pods with the cream and sugar, cool and then add matcha right before churning?

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                            I steep the tea and pods in the warm cream before making the base, but I also put 1 tsp of ground cardamom into the finished base before churning.

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                              ah, interesting. do you use tea leaves and not matcha?

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                                Tea leaves were easier for me to get, so I developed a way to use them, but I prefer to use matcha when i can get it.

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                                  Very cool, Kelli. Thanks so much!!

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                            I've heard of armagnac ice cream, and want to make some. I've made a balsamic 'fudge' sauce and love it. The other flavors? I'd eat them! (Most recent adventure was a coconut milk - black sesame ice cream. I think I'd like to try it over sans the coconut.)

                            And Kelli, in case it's any help, when I tried making chilie-chocolate ice cream, I found that I could put tons of chilies in it - way more than expected. I chalk it up to the point that the recipe used egg yolks and also had plenty of fat in the cream. So if you are looking for a way to incorporate Thai bird chilies, for instance, you could experiment with egg-based (albeit then custardy) ice cream recipes.

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                              Black sesame ice cream really is fantastic. There aren't that many places in NYC that serve it; I don't know why I hadn't considered making my own, before. The black sesame that comes in paste form might work well for ice cream.

                    2. Peach praline, Pineapple, and a recent find Mojito cream cheese (alchohol included)
                      or Strawberry and cannoli ice cream, ameretto ice cream, and then a peanut brittle ice cream. I mean really how does one choose?

                      Have fun!

                      1. celebrate americana:
                        summer peach ice cream.
                        cherry ice cream
                        mango ice cream, too.

                        or just do good old vanilla custard ice cream, and have various boozy-flambés of different fruits to go on top, since it is a group of adults...

                        like peche louis,
                        cherries jubilee,
                        bananas foster
                        mangos diablos

                        it's another set of fireworks, so to speak. ;-).

                        1. I just LOVE homemade ice cream! And how perfect for a Fourth of July party.

                          If you hadn't done banana splits last year I would have suggested Alton Brown's Banana Ice Cream. I layer it while it's still soft with fudge and caramel sauce and nuts. It's easy. It's decadent. It's summer in a bowl.

                          But that eliminated, I'd go with another fav that will turn adults into blissful kids again: a rich vanilla (OK, could be caramel or something else like mint) packed in a long mold like a terrine with actual truffles (make them a little soft) embedded in the center. Line the mold with parchment for easy removal; pack the truffles close. Serve it by slicing pieces with that rich, dramatic chocolate on a plate drizzled with caramel sauce.

                          Simple and delicious with just a touch of drama. They'll think you're a genius!

                          'Course fresh strawberry made with cream cheese is pretty terrific and oh so summery too.

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                          1. re: rainey

                            since you say make them "soft," you're meaning chocolate truffles, right? otherwise, the other truffles seem a bit ...well...not summer ice cream (in my mind, but i'm not the iron chef, either ;-). do you put the truffles in the middle of the terrine, or line the terrine with them? the "chocolate" you refer to in the serving description, is that liquid, or are you referring to the overall "chocolate" appearance?

                            i'm wanting to figure it out, 'cause it sounds very tasty!

                            1. re: alkapal

                              Yes, chocolate truffles made with a little extra cream to compensate for freezing. Layer soft ice cream about halfway up the terrine. Line truffles up along the center. Layer in the rest of the ice cream, cover and put in the freezer to harden off.

                              The presentation is a thick slice of ice cream with a dark chocolate truffle in the center (use a very sharp knife dipped and wiped between each cut). You could put a drizzle of liquid chocolate syrup on the plate before you place the ice cream on it. I prefer caramel.

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                                  Sorry, no. This is something that has to be done and served rather quickly so I've never been able to plate and photo at the same time.

                                  I got it from a magazine a couple years ago tho. They had a pic. I think it was Bon Appétit or Gourmet. Maybe if you googled "ice cream + truffle" you'd find an image.

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                                  pretty please, may i also have a swirl of raspberry coulis with a swirl of chocolate and some toasted almonds?