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Deli Nippon: double happiness = ramen and okonomyaki (Vancouver)

I've been searching like mad to find the post that talked about this place recently but I can't so my apologies to that poster. I'll just go ahead and start a new thread!

We needed a quick bite tonight on our umpteenth trip to Home Despot so it was time to try Deli Nippon. We had noticed it on a recent trip to Cuu Long as it is right next door but it was closed at 8ish, which is not surprising as it only stays open till 8 pm.

It is worth heading out there for lunch or an early dinner. I'd say this is the tastiest ramen I've had in Vancouver, though I'm hardly a ramen expert. I'd love to hear what others think but the SO and I were very happy with our syoyu and miso ramen. He had combo B which included three excellent gyoza (nice and oniony with very thin skins) for a whopping (not) $7, while my ramen was $5.50. Both the broths were rich but light tasting (the chicken base I surmise) but with just a hint of that good ramen funk. For me the highlight though was the noodles. They were not quite al dente and had the perfect chew for my taste. The bowl was not bathtub sized but very generous. I did not eat the pork because I am not a fan in general but the SO devoured his.

I also massively overordered because of course I had to try the okonomyaki, a personal weakness. I got the "Italian" (bacon, cheese, egg, noodle, cabbage, onion, corn. $8.50) which was in no discernible way Italian but delicious. I prefer the Hiroshima style with the noodles and this one did not disappoint. It was dinner plate sized and about an inch tall. It would have been more than enough for me on its own. At least now I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow :-). My only small quibble was that it would have been nice to have the bacon on the outside where it would crisp up a bit, the way they (used to) do the meat at Modern Club. The tab for this was $21 and all the prices are GST included.

The menu is very limited. They also do a chasumen ramen for $7, a yasai ramen (mainly veggies, looked great when it came out for staff dinner as we were leaving) for $7, two other okonomi (buta/pork, gyu/beef for $7.50 and $8 respectively) and they have a summer special cold noodle (hiyashichuka with syoyu or miso 'taste' for $6.50 and $7 respectively that I will be trying next time). The super gracious owner told us they have just hired a very experienced sushi chef and that it will be on the menu as of next week. The room is very plain with just four four-tops, and they are cash only.

We will be returning very soon for this simple but satisfying fare.

Deli Nippon
3913 Knight St, Vancouver, BC V5N3L8, CA

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  1. Thanks for the report, grayelf. I've been meaning to try this place out for a while. I've been reading some good reports on it.

    1. OH! That okonomyaki looks delicious! That is something I will try when I see it next! Thanks.

      1. no way!!! this place is actually good?! i saw it driving around kingsway/knight area and even stopped to look in the window (they were closed) but came to the conclusion that it couldn't be authentic or good. wow, i must try :)

        1. With the warmer weather, I'm on the lookout for Hiyashichuka, and had it at another place (soon to be written up on at Foodosophy), but will definitely try to hit up the version here. The image of it you took looks more like the type I am used to. Thanks for the heads up!

          If I remember right, I think this place used to make takeaway bentos too. My memories are a bit dated though, going back maybe 5, 6 years.

          1. Damn you, grayelf. Just when I think I've got my Vancouver ducks in a row, you throw in another ringer. ; >P

            Looks like I'll have to just retire and spend a month or two per year trying to work through my list. As always, thanks a 1.0 * 10^6.



            1. There is also a new (to the area) Sri Lankan place next door to it. It relocated from Fraser St (I noticed it on my last outing to Cuu Long...I was going to have lunch at Nippon Deli, but it was closed).

              Three interesting holes-in-the-wall right next to each other. Just around the corner is a Dutch pannekoek house if you are into that.

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                The okonomi was definitely worthy -- I think I will try the veggie version next time, ck. The room is nothing special, flowbee, but I saw the guy doing the cooking and I'd say he's got the goods. I haven't had hiyashichuka since I lived in TO so am stoked to try it though a bit thrown off by the pineapple round in the pic :-). PB, you can totally do a lunch here, in fact I'd suggest it as we had a near thing getting there by 7:30. And fmed, funny you should mention the new resto next door as I poked my nose in there too and grabbed a takeaway menu. The reason: they have string hoppers! I've been obsessed with trying these since I read about them on CH but haven't had a chance yet. The resto is J.R.s Taste of Ceylon. They used to be at 29th and Fraser. They also serve Indian food but it's the Sri Lankan stuff I'm keen to try, like the SR coffee/tea, the hoppers which come in plain, milk and egg, and sundry other interesting items. A whole section for "devilled" meat? Hells ya! And I must find out what lamp rice is... And the prices look very reasonable though the young lady who handed me the menu did mention that it was an old one and some prices had changed. I didn't note the opening times but I think they are open a little later than Deli Nippon (maybe 9 pm?)

                (604) 708 3008

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                  J.R.'s Taste of Ceylon...that's the name. Thanks grayelf. I've been there once quite a while ago. The food was good..can't remember what I ordered...it wasn't the string hoppers, though. (IIRC Noor Mahal (also on Fraser St) has string hoppers on the menu.(

                  Kingsway and Knight has become very interesting. (Cuu Long, Nippon Deli, JR's Taste of Ceylon, House of Dosa).

                  1. re: fmed

                    Sounds like it's time for me to visit these spots! Thanks for the exploring folks. Deli Nippon looks like a winner in my books.

                    1. re: peter.v

                      There was only one table in JRs when I popped in but the food on it looked more than edible. Definitely worth a try, I'd say.

                  2. re: grayelf

                    >>"And I must find out what lamp rice is..."

                    I bet they meant "lump rice" or "lamprais" - a dish of Indonesian decent.: http://eatyet.files.wordpress.com/200...

                    1. re: fmed

                      I want that NOW! (But I think I'm going to keep calling it lamp rice... perfect with stringhoppers)

                      1. re: grayelf

                        This place looks Chowdown worthy.

                        1. re: fmed

                          Getting back to Deli Nippon, I just figured out the post that tipped me off to it was on another site (oops). I've thanked that poster for the tip...