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Jun 28, 2009 10:03 PM

paris for 7 days. where to eat?

i'm heading to paris solo for 7 days in july. where should i eat? i'm open to pretty much everything as long as it's fresh, thoughtful, and delicious. holes-in-the-walls, cafes, markets, patisseries, uber-chic places, whatever. tell me where to go!

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  1. All of this information is already here. Just type in "Paris" in the search box on this board and then come back if you have specific questions, and always indicate what price range you are looking for in restaurants.

    1. Get cheese from Dubois, bread from E.Mayeur, crepes from le Pot-O-Lait. Do fine dining at Le Cinq and l'Arpège for lunch. L'Ambroisie if you're not afraid of cost and melancholy. Eat at Chez l'Ami Jean or La Régalade or Au Bon Accueil for bistronomiques (fine dining techniques and ingredients in casual setting), Joséphine, l'Auberge Bressane or Le Quincy for generous traditional. Go to Pasta e Basta for Italian and Likafo for Chinese. Get pastry from Des Gateaux et du Pain, also try Pierre Hermé if you want. Get macarons from Ladurée so you know, and from Grégory Renard as they're my favs. Ice cream for Christian Constant on rue d'Assas@Fleurus.