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Jun 28, 2009 09:06 PM

Good Lobster Roll in LA?

I just got back from spending some time in the Hamptons and had the best lobster rolls there. Besides the Hungry Cat here, are there any good restaurants with lobster rolls here?

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      how rad is that place?! the menu sounds amazing! steak and brie, nice!

      1. re: GrillEmAll

        I have not found a traditional lobster roll at any restaurant in L.A. but the "Untraditional Lobster Roll" Sauteed Lobster with Lemon Celery Relish, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Tomatoes and Shredded Romaine on a Breadbar Roll $12.95 at the top of the current seasonal specials is worth the long drive and pain in the ass parking! So are all of the other sandwiches that we've tried there! Warning though, I went on Monday about 75 min before they close and got the last one!

        Mendocino Farms
        300 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA

    2. Where they buttered rolls or lobster salad?

      1. The Farm (Beverly Hills, The Grove, L.A. Live) has a pretty good Lobster Club. However, compared to Mendocino Farms, it's also pretty expensive.

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        1. re: omakase

          We like the lobster club at the Farm too, but it's nothing like a New England style lobster roll.

          1. re: Servorg

            I agree Servorg. I guess it's time to start planning for my trip back East. But when I need that Lobster Roll fix, the Farm does the trick.

        2. mendocino farm's uses fresh, unchopped langoustines, not real lobster. It's okay, but not the authentic stuff that comes in hot dog buns.

          1. actually nevermind, that was their preparation last year when I had it, but it looks like they saute it this year. I'll have to go back and try it soon and see if its different, though I doubt its the traditional NE type.

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            1. re: mattatouille

              It certainly is NOT authentic, but it certainly does taste damn fine good.