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Jun 28, 2009 09:00 PM

Organic Ground Beef At Costco...

I picked up three 1 lb packs (85/15) and opened one tonight and it was more like beef paste than ground beef. The burgers I made were dense, dry and tasteless. So I'm wondering if I should try making bolognese or bring the remaining two packs back. Any one else have experience with this product?

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  1. I don't think there's any reason to try and salvage the stuff if you don't like it, other than feeling that it's going to be thrown away upon returning it. I think Costco needs the feedback that this particular product has flaws based on you experience. My experience has been that they're very receptive about this kind of thing and they will want this corrected or changed out as soon as possible. If you think it will work in your bolognese, then go for it, but it's still important to give Costco you feedback on this product. Just my opinion...

    1. I would return it. Their policy says that they guarantee satisfaction and it sounds like you have a legitimate beef with their product (pun intended). I agree with bulavinaka, you will be doing Costco a favor if you tell them your true opinions on the product.

      1. Bring the unused back, they'll gladly refund you no questions asked. I'd suggest for burgers you need 70/30 for a good burger.

        1. The beef paste was returned without a problem. I told them I thought it was an inferior product. I'm still curious to know others reaction to it.

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            Sounds like the grinder blades may have heated up enough to cause the mix to turn into paste.

          2. I buy it for non-burger applications like bolognese or tacos. What looks to be the same product is about one-third higher in price at Whole Foods.

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              I thought about doing that. How is it in those dishes?

              1. re: Cameraman

                I've purchased this same product for tacos and chili and the taste was quite good. No complaints... I agree that it did not look like it would make the best burgers but I would buy it again for chili and such.

              2. re: coney with everything

                I use the same product at home for meat balls, meat loaf etc but I agree with the OP it is ground very fine and I would never use it (or any pre-ground meat) for my burgers.