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Jun 28, 2009 08:48 PM

Terrible Meal At La Sirene Pointe-Claire

What a horrid meal I had at La Sirene in Pointe Claire.

Four of us dined for just under $200.00 with tax and tip, but not including any wine, coffee or dessert. It was just so off that we weren't going to hang around for dessert.

We were offered the worst table in an empty restaurant which we refused, and when finally seated we were ignored. I actually had to get up, go to the Maître d' and ask, politely of course, if we could get some service.

The rest as they say was all down hill from there.

We then received the most basic minimum of service. The waiter even made a quip that “yes I was bothering him”

When the mains finally arrived each and every one of them was limp and stone cold.

My foodie instinct told me that this was one experience where I should cut my losses and run. The La Sirene ship was sinking fast and I could have sworn that I saw that a-hole, Gordon Ramsey sniffing around hoping for a new episode and this place would have made a fitting one tonight.

We ate what we could, requested the bill (we actually paid a helper/something-or-other because there did not seem to be a waiter available) and hustled out of there as fast as we could.

While we were waiting for our food another customer seated outdoors on the patio actually came barging into the restaurant, plate in hand, demanding an explanation I assume for the garbage they were serving tonight.

I however, am somewhat more polite and it being that our meal was in celebration of a birthday, I did not wish to ruin our fun with a protracted squabble about such poor service and some of the worst restaurant food I have eaten at this price in a long, long while.

Needless to say I will never, ever set foot in this horrid, over priced restaurant again.

Good luck to those of you that do.

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  1. My problem with La Sirene on Jean Talon is that the salads are hit or miss, the portions of which change. The fish, no matter how I price it in my head, always comes out more on the bill and frankly the food is just ok and there are smaller places cheaper and much better tasting.

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    1. re: blondee_47

      I agree about the JT location. Decent/good but too overpriced. Is the one in the WI owned by the same group?

      1. re: hungryann

        Both La Sirene on Jean Talon and La Sirene on Saint Jean in the west island are owned by the same group.

        I have been to the one on Jean talon several times, not my favorite but as you said decent/good but way over-priced.

        The experience I had at La Sirene on the west island left me feeling as though we were shooting the opening scene of a Kitchen Nightmares episode.

        When that fellow came busting in the front door, plate in hand to make his complaint I felt a tiny bit better knowing that if our food was tasteless, cold and limp, his must have been worse.

        Honestly we paid and left before the plates from the main courses were removed from the table and my dining companions were all with me on this.

        I really have never had such a crappy experience in any restaurant.

    2. The original comment has been removed