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Jun 28, 2009 08:07 PM

Breadfruit in NYC

Looking to find a market where I can get Bread Fruit. Want to use it to make tostones.

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  1. there are several places in the Bronx that carry breadfruit (definitely a small bodega on kingsbridge road and jerome) although theyre not in the best condition (small & not that fresh). Ask on the OB board.

    1. i picked it up at a fruit stand on 2nd ave, around 115th street or so; it was on the NW corner just near some housing projects; large fruit stand; we bought a ripe on for $1.50 a pound, ended up a 3lb one for $4.50; unfortunately we left it out for too long uncooked and it was slighty overripe and started molding underneath the plastic wrap but we just rinsed it well, cut up slices, peeled the rind and fried in a pan. didn't come out as starchy as I remember, more like banana or plantain which might serve your purposes well.

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        There's a fruit stand in the Bronx off the Bronx River Parkway, Cross Bronx Expressway that has fantastic breadfruit. Dirt cheap too! Lusciously ripe!

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          have a more specific address? I'm around the south bronx a lot and haven't seen it around. when you say ripe, what does that mean? soft spots on the outside that you can feel? starting to brown, turn banana-like? and how do you eat/cook the ripe version; is it a similar thing of maduros vs tostones?

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          actually, that fruit stand was around lexington and 117, I think.

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            no! ripe breadfruit (the way you describe) is not good at all! i mean, it can be brownish on the outside but is HAS to be hard on the inside. and no, there is no alternative way of cooking an overripe breadfruit. for me the best way to enjoy breadfuit is in tostones de pana (with avocado on the side). but of course you can also boil it and make all sorts of dishes and fitters with it. in order to avoid overripeness you could make the tostones and freeze them.

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              ya I knew I left it out way too long on the counter so it went also maduro on me and I wanted tostone; it was so good when I had it in jamaica; I think if I had cut and fried it up the day I bought it, would've been nice and starchy. you do the tostone-style with the flattening and double-fry? when I had it, was just sliced up almost like canteloupe and pan-fried on both sides.

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                yes and no. yes, I double fry them but theyre not as flattenned as a plantian toston. just a tad. they're definitely thicker. to avoid the overripeness i fry them once and freeze them. i fry them for the 2nd time before eating them.