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Jun 28, 2009 07:48 PM

(MSP) Heartland - Anniversary Dinner

Was wondering whether to post, since it's not like I've discovered a hole-in-the-wall, but my experience was excellent to the degree that I can't help myself.

My wife and I went on Wednesday to celebrate our third anniversary. Based on a note posted on our Open Table reservation, we were seated at the "romantic table", a little cache nestled at the end of the dining room. It was the first overture in a night of flawless service.

I had the fauna prix fixe, and wife had a salad and ravioli. The menu changes daily, so I'll refrain from assessing each item, and stick to highlights.

The amuse bouche was outstanding. It was topped with a cherry tomato that, on its own, would be the most compelling element of most menus in this city.

I love the attention paid to the bread. From the punchy flavors, to the great butter, to the presentation, the bread service at Heartland is world class.

Love what this place does with onions. I'm guessing they were good that day, as we saw a lot of them. They play a starring role, and were cooked to perfection, two real rarities in my experience.

Usually when sauce is drizzled onto the plate, its all about presentation, and never about finding the appropriate balance. Not so.

The portions are very generous. The ravioli, in particular, featured a veritable mountain of duck ragu, which was rich and baby-food tender.

If peppercorn chocolate bark ever pops its head back onto the menu, run, don't walk.

In short, this is one of the best meals we have ever had. This may become our anniversary tradition.

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  1. Congrats on your anniversary. I always enjoy reading about a pleasant dinning experiance.

    1. i think detailed reports from established places can be as helpful as "discoveries" as my slew of reports on oldies but (mostly) goodies lately has probably proved.

      bread at heartland is consistently awesome, especially when the bread of the day are the mini brioche loaves. i have to say, compared to those little knots of heaven, even the rest of their really good bread options pale.

      1. great to read this report. i haven't been to heartland in about a year, and i should remedy this situation soon. i think heartland is an amazing place all around, and what really completes the experience is their fantastic, thoughtful service. it's the best in the twin cities.

        1. happy anniversary as well. Jfood loved Heartland when he was there in September and he has to make it backover there with a rave review like this.

          Always good to hear of other good reviews of places. It gives a memory jogger of where to venture when available.

          1. Just a heads up for anyone inspired to go to Heartland based on this post...I was looking at their website today and found that they are taking their annual summer vacation right now. They will be re-opening on July 15th, 2009.