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Jun 28, 2009 07:29 PM

Clams in Pismo Beach

For the first time in 5 years, we will actually be staying in Pismo Beach, at the rv camp at the state beach, instead of just passing thru on our way to Mendocino.

We usually eat in when we've stayed here before, due to that we've only got the rig, no extra car to roam around town in. We do have bikes, but two small kids.

Any places near the state beach with decent fresh clams? I'd even take a fish market, and cook the clams myself back at camp. Thanks so much in advance!!

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  1. No local clams in Pismo these days. You might contact The Cracked Crab on Price Street and see what they suggest.

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    1. re: Bruce in SLO

      Really, is it too early in the season, or have they stopped clamming there? I though Bugs Bunny always wound up in Pismo Beach eating clams!! Thanks for the info, I'll call the Crab.

      1. re: Phurstluv

        I was glancing at the most recent Westways, (the AAA magazine), and there was an article about Pismo Beach that mentioned it as an all-you-can eat clams destination and referenced Bugs Bunny.

        1. re: JRSD

          I knew it!! My husband thinks I'm crazy!! I wonder if Bruce in SLO knows something I don't re: clamming in that area.

        2. re: Phurstluv

          The "Pismo Clam" is actually endangered or protected if I'm not mistaken, and clamming when it is allowed is limited by size -- good luck with that..... Steamers (near the Kon Tiki) on Price is good. I've heard that the fish guys on the San Luis pier sell some, but not sure about the season (Los Osos farmers market on Monday, Morro Bay market on Saturday). Any clams served there are likely not really local.

          1. re: ErikaK

            Thanks for the link, ErikaK. I was afraid that perhaps they weren't harvesting/selling anymore due to overfishing. I don't expect to go clamming myself, although it might be fun for the kids, and ten clams per person would not be enough for me ;).

            I'll stick to the local restaurants or markets. Appreciate the info.