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Jun 28, 2009 07:26 PM

La Fermanta - Bremerton

Back in November based on recommendations from this board we tried to get into La Fermanta but didn't plan far enough ahead. This time for a family gathering of four my Dad made reservations a month in advance. The wait was worth it. We had a great meal with absolutely perfect service. The hostess was genuinely excited that my 92 year old Dad had made reservations for his three children who seldom get together. The meal started with an excellent salad from greens specially grown on Bainbridge Island. My sister and I had duck which melted in our mouth. My brother had bolognese and my Dad had Bouillabaisse. He keeps complaining he doesn have an appetite anymore but he sure devoured the clams and other goodies in his dish. Those who had room for dessert had Key Lime Creme Brulee. The wine list was quite long, with quite a few Italian wines. My brother said he recognized many of them and the mark up was quite reasonable. All in all a wonderful evening.

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  1. The thread "What's good in Kitsap" has kudos for this place too. Thanks for your comments. We don't have a lot of fine dining places near Bremerton, but this is one of our best. Glad you enjoyed it. And let us know of any other Kitsap places you have enjoyed.

    1. I've been a big fan of the place ever since I moved to Bremerton. It is a fantastic, unpretentious place with great service. I was concerned when they lost Chef Lamb to Gig Harbor, but frankly, the menu seems more varied, seasonal, and interesting since he left. Sam, the owner, is clearly a wonderful chef herself. The restaurant would be a great draw for people on Bainbridge, Pt Townsend, Gig Harbor, and even Seattle if there was a bit more reason to come to Bremerton....

      1. By the way, it's name is La Fermata, not La FermaNta.