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Jun 28, 2009 06:46 PM

REVIEW w/ pics: Lunch at Natalie Peruvian Seafood

I'm sure everyone can relate to having show tickets and trying to figure out where to grab a bite to eat beforehand. That was my dilemma as I was rushing from work to meet a couple of friends and of course, on my way there, I got a call with the inevitable question, "Where should we eat?" Given that the show was at the Pantages Theater, which isn't too far from Thai Town, a Thai restaurant was the obvious choice, but for once, I wasn't in the mood for Asian food.

Still pondering options, I got off the Hollywood Boulevard exit and spotted a sign partially hidden behind a building that said Natalie Peruvian Seafood Restaurant. My tastebuds stood at attention. Thankfully, I also remember from the recesses of my mind reading some good reviews. Yes! I knew what was for dinner and directed my two theater buddies to meet me at the given address. Walking into Natalie Peruvian, the dining room was a rectangular room. It wasn't very big, but I really liked the bright red wood furniture.

Not wanting to linger too long, we placed our order right away. Anytime, I go to a Peruvian restaurant, I have to order a drink called a Chicha Morada, which is a drink made out of purple corn. The one at Natalie Peruvian was a bit too sweet, but still refreshing.

Corn was still on the books for our appetizer which was Cancha or simply, dry fried corn. The cancha were similar to corn nuts, but with a smoother texture. There wasn't anything special about the cancha, but it's a nice salty and savory way to start the meal.

For my entree, I went with the Pescado Sudado, which is a steamed filet of fish cooked with onions, tomatoes and touch of white wine and served with steamed rice. The fish was wonderful. It was delicate and moist. As for the sauce, when they said a touch of white wine, they meant it and that was a good thing. The wine added just the right amount of citrus notes to pair well with the tomato's acidity and it was yummy poured over my rice.

My two dining partners went for the Chicken Saltado and the Beef Saltado dish. The only difference between the two were the meats, but both were meats sauteed with onions, tomatoes and French fries, served with steamed rice. Both their plates were eaten clean. Enough said.

The service was also really nice. When we told our server that we had a show to catch, the food came out really quickly. Overall, I really enjoyed my meal at Natalie Peruvian and am looking forward to trying other items on their menu.

To see pics, go to:

Natalie Peruvian Seafood Restaurant
5759 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028-6719
(323) 463-8340


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  1. Nice review, as always Abby. All the main courses looked great but I thought the chicken saltado looked especially good. Nothing like a little double carbo loading with french fries and steamed rice! I have never tried cancha before, but no matter what I'll take it over the boiled peanuts they give you at Nook in WLA. (g) Good photos, Abby.

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    1. re: Servorg

      If Corn Nuts tickled your fancy as a kid (or even now), then the roasted corniness of cancha will have you giggling like a silly little girl. :)

      1. re: bulavinaka

        I actually thought the cancha was better than corn nuts. :)

        1. re: pleasurepalate

          That's what I meant - sorry I wasn't clear... When I see my daughter giggling silly, it's beyond controllable... :)

      2. re: Servorg

        In the Philippines, boiled peanuts is a popular snack, but I especially love our fried garlic peanuts. I could eat enough to scare two or more vampires away.

        1. re: pleasurepalate

          I worked in the Middle East for a few years and some of the guy's from the Philippines that I became friends with got me so hooked on their fried garlic peanuts I felt like I was going to go into "withdrawal" when I couldn't get them!

            1. re: pleasurepalate

              the best are the small bits of fried garlic in those peanuts...mmm...

              my dad also likes to throw in a little bit of the garlic casing...when deep fried, its nice and crispy...mmm

      3. I'm so glad to see this! I recently moved closeby and love Yai Thai, just a door down. Have been curious about Natalie as I've only had Peruvian food a few times but really liked it. Who'd a thunk such an anonymous little strip mall could be the home of 2 great restaurants!